Simple Bench Seat Cushion

Bench seat cushions are one of my favorite, easiest makeover tools of all time. With just a little fabric, you can have a custom look in your home that really finishes off just about any space. Just look at the before and after with this bench seat cushion.

Before: A horizontal space bench seat like this is just a clutter catcher.

bench seat without cushion

After: This bench seat with cushion in a fabric that matches the curtains is a comfy spot that will resist clutter.

Bench seat with cushion customizes the room

This fabric coordinates with window treatments elsewhere in the room, so we now have a custom, coordinated look throughout. Of course, you can DIY this pretty easily if you sew,, and you can even leave off the piping if you want to make it even more simple.But any sewing workroom can put this together with 2″ foam pretty affordably for you, which is what we used here. I’d love to have time to sew like this, but it just doesn’t happen all that often.

It’s often the little things, like a custom bench seat cushion, that can really cozy up a space.

Do you have a little nook or bench that you can cozy up with a simple bench seat cushion?