DIY Mail Station {How to Organize Mail}

Is your mailbox outside your house cluttered? Of course not!

Have you ever thought about why?

Every day, the mail carrier drops your mail in a specific place, then you pick up the mail and remove it from the outside mailbox.

But then where does it go? The kitchen counter. The dining room table. The corner of the desk. In a cluttered pile.


What if you had an inside mailbox?

Then your mail would all collect neatly in one spot, and you’d have to empty it out when it got too full.

You can make an inside mailbox from a Kleenex disposable towel box that is cute and literally calls out, “Put the mail HERE!”


How to Make a DIY Mail Station for Organizing Mail

Make an inside mailbox from a Kleenex Hand Towel box (affiliate link), and get rid of the piles.

make a mail station from a Kleenex box


Washi tape makes anything cuter. (affiliate link)

washi tape a mail station


A blackboard label from the office supply store states the purpose clearly.

mail station for organizing


Now, the mail has a home of its own, looking sort of like a mini messenger bag.

Mail Station from Kleenex Box by HeartWork Organizing


The best thing is that there’s so much more counter space! So simple, and so beautiful.

By the way, if you are new to my blog and love my “granite” counters, you might be amazed to learn how you can have them, too.

organizing with a DIY mail station


You could make one of these DIY mail stations for each member of your family, and never have piles on your counter again.

Would this DIY mail station help you keep your counters clear?

DIY Mail Station - How to Organize Mail

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  1. Kathy from CT

    This is one of those “WHY didn’t I think of that?” Posts. Fabulous!

  2. Denise

    Hey Darla! I love this project. I pinned and posted this week. And I saw your email just need to respond. Life is crazy in my world. 🙂 But I am sure you can relate.

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