Spring Cleaning and Shredding Events Near Philadelphia

Happy Spring! It’s finally sunny, warm enough to leave the house for just a minute without a coat, and we’ve got snowdrops and even crocus blooming already. Hallelujah!

spring flowers

There’s a lot of talk about spring cleaning these days. I’m working on a laundry project, and by working on, I mean I’ve purchased the paint. Maybe today….

Honestly, spring cleaning really isn’t a thing for me, but yesterday I received a new steam cleaner from HomeRight, and I’m going to test it out as soon as I wrap up this post. I actually said no to this steamer…twice…but you’ll be amazed at why I finally said yes.

spring cleaning with Homeright steam machine

As we finish up with tax season, here’s another thing that many people will be wanting to clear out: papers. Remember, you don’t have to shred everything with your name and address on it. Those can both be easily gotten from a quick internet search. But you DO want to shred anything with your financial account numbers on them. And just as important, be sure to shred the “special offers” you get daily for credit card offers. Those also have personal info that should be shredded. I just throw them in my new Stack and Shred and get rid of a batch at a time.

shred credit card offers at shredding events near Philadelphia


But if you don’t have a shredder at home, or if you have better things to do than feed a shredder, be sure to check out our updated list of shredding events near Philadelphia. This page is always available, and we keep it as updated as we possibly can. If you know of a shredding event going on near you, please email me so we can add it to the listing.

Whew, that’s a lot of spring goodness. I’m sitting here seeing blue skies and lots of sunshine outside my window. So even though it’s still chilly, I hope you are enjoying the day thinking about what you can organize, freshen up or lighten up around your place to make you smile.



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  1. Pammy Pam

    That vacuum cleaner looks like it can handle dirty pet stains.

    1. Darla

      Oh, yes. I ran it through its paces today, and was THRILLED with some stain treatments. Wow, you are going to want to see this. Let me get my act together and show you the video.

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