Laundry Helpers for Spring Cleaning

This article has not gone as planned, kind of like our spring. Let’s get on with spring already! Well, my friends at OXO wanted to help out in that department, and when they offered to send me some laundry helpers, I jumped at the chance. I love OXO products, like the pineapple corer and the adjustable drawer organizer I’ve shared with you before. They aren’t just made, but they are engineered to work better than their counterparts.

spring cleaning laundry helpers from OXO

I was thrilled to be getting the laundry hamper. Having used it for clients before, I knew it is good quality.

I was over the moon to be getting a sweater dryer. I am not as nice to my sweaters as I should be.

Ok, I’ll take a drying rack. I mean, I already have one in the basement that I used to dry cloth diapers on every week, but what the heck.


Here’s how things really went with my spring cleaning project with my new laundry helpers.

The OXO Good Grips Flex-Lid Hamper is very nicely made. Except for the one little dodo moment I had and realized that the lid is made to go inside the hamper, not over the outside of the top. Oops. Of course, I had to bling mine up a little with a pink chevron ribbon. And we might use it for stuffed animals rather than clothes for the time being. The little top flaps give a satisfying “whoosh” when you make a three-pointer with an Elmo. But whatever you use it for, stashing a hamper inside the closet makes it both easy to use and pleasing to the eye.

spring cleaning laundry helpers, new hamper

Most importantly, I have two words for you…padded handles.

laundry hamper spring cleaning

As of 2020 I’m still using and loving this Oxo hamper, but it’s not currently available on Amazon. This one is similar. I’ve purchased these rope basket hampers for clients lately, and we all love them.

The OXO Good Grips Folding Sweater Dryer…eh…I’m ok with it. If I had a laundry room and had say 3 of these, they would be great. But they take up more real estate on my dryer than I thought they would. We need that space for stuff, like ice skates. I know, they should NOT be in a post on spring cleaning, right?

swaeter dryer fits on top of laundry dryer

I think I’m just spoiled because I usually lay my sweaters on our radiators and -BOOM- they are dry in no time. Sure, they dry in the shape of the radiator…but that’s not so bad, right?

OXO Spring Cleaning Helpers

Maybe not. OK, here’s the alternative. The clever design means that you get the full 24″ of your counter tops or top of dryer. (Just a hint, that clever design also means that if you try to set this on your counter the wrong way, the front feet will fall off the front. Just turn it 90 degrees.) But these are really made to stack, so I’ll be buying a couple more. OXO should really sell them in a three-pack. (Yes, our washing machine is in the kitchen. I’m not lucky enough to have a laundry room equipped with it’s own Keureg. Although that’s an idea.)

sweater dryer spring cleaning laundry helpers

Now the OXO Good Grips Laundry Drying Rack, let me tell you… I was actually kind of afraid of it when it arrived. It comes in a BIG box. But unpacked, it’s VERY user friendly.


I was not expecting to love it this much. I set it up in our dressing room, right near the aforementioned radiator. It is just the right height for a tall girl like me. And STURDY but still very light. My other drying rack is light but flimsy. I’ve had more than 20 hangers loaded with wet clothes on this, and not a wobble.

drying rack for spring cleaning laundry helpers

The bars are a bit thicker than normal, which means less chance of bar marks on dried clothes, and they are floating on the frame, which makes it super easy to get things loaded on. I know, so simple. OXO makes products that just make sense.

Drying rack from OXO spring cleaning laundry helpers

I’ve been trying take clothes out of the dryer just before they get crispy. Then I can shake or smooth the wrinkles out, press the cuffs into shape, and let them dry the rest of the way. It’s barely an extra step, since I have to hang them anyway. In the morning, I just move the little clothes over to the right closets. I’m hoping this will help keep the colors better on the clothes, so I am able to resell my kids clothes at consignment sales. You probably already know that workout clothes and ladies finery should always be hand washed and air dried.

It folds down and could hide in the closet with my ironing board. But for now, it makes me happy to see it.

laundry drying rack I love from OXO

As of 2020, this fabulous drying rack, which I still use, also isn’t available on Amazon, but we just purchased this drying rack for a client, and we both love it, too, especially the little clips for drying shoes and slippers.

One of these days I’ll have a nice big laundry room where all three of these laundry helpers can live together. But for now, they are hard at work in different parts of my home. If you want to know more about how we manage to always stay caught up on laundry here, despite the fact that our washing machine lives in our kitchen, check out my post on laundry magic.

How to organize laundry

Do you have any Spring Cleaning projects on your list?


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