Good, Better, Best Organizing Books

The most important thing about organizing is being able to find stuff you need and love. Period. But then there’s making it pretty. That’s fun, too. Like when we were organizing this stack of books.

It’s not too bad starting out, but we can definitely make it better. You see a mix of different types of plastic bins and a paper storage boxes, even a shoe box hard at work.

organizing books with containers 3 ways

With just a few simple changes using things already on hand, it gets much more organized. The trick is using the same kinds of plastic bins.

organizing books using plastic bins

If you care to make an investment in new bins, it can get even cuter. Cute, but not any more functional than those clear plastic bins, to tell the truth.

organizing books using pretty fabric bins

This whole organizing exercise only took a few minutes. Do you feel like you could make a big change in your space with just a few containers like these?