Organized Shoe Closet

If you are lucky enough to have two closets in the same room, consider outfitting one to create a shoe closet. A shelving system with adjustable shelves, like this one from Organized Living, is ideal.

Organized Shoe Closet Makeover


Shoe closet (1)


Shoe closet (18)

Of course, we had to have a furry inspection during the renovation (which took all of 15 minutes).

Shoe closet (5)

With an adjustable system like this one, you can set the shelves as you need them, like closer together for snadals.   Shoe closet (20)


I still like boots on the floor. They don’t usually behave this well on their own, standing up straight. But you can get them to stay more organized by stuffing boots with magazines, pool noodles, or even a bag of bags, as we did here.

Shoe closet (22)

This little closet even has it’s own secret, a set of cubbies in the wayback. Notice how we lined up our shelving system with the built-in shelves, but then adjusted some shelves to maximize the storage. These way back cubbies are great for storing things like photos and rarely-read books, or out of season things like the swimsuits that are hiding in the basket just now.

Shoe closet (23)

Perhaps most importantly, we included and labelled a bin for outgrown clothes for this young lady. This will help keep them off the floor and out of laundry circulation. Anyone else see clean clothes end up in the endless laundry loop?Shoe closet (24)

So, really, this is much more than a shoe closet. But you can see that by adding an adjustable shelving system, we get a lot more function out of this extra closet.

Do you have a closet in your house that could be working harder than it is? Do you have room for a shoe closet?