Shop Consignment Sales for Organizing Solutions

This post is sponsored by Just Between Friends-Western Main Line (Oaks and Reading).

The spring consignment sales have begun, and it’s so darned easy to go overboard with great deals. When you can save up to 90% off retail prices, it’s so easy to pick up a few more games, books, and toys than you might have room for. Yes, even I have done it! So at this year’s Just Between Friends sale, I went looking specifically for great organizing solutions at the sale.

With aisles of clothes and toys like this at JBF, you are bound to find something you need.

Just Between Friends Sale Organizing (5)

Grandparents, take note, moms really want clutter solutions, so be sure to check these out before buying your next batch of toys for the grandkids.

I love toys that are their own storage, like play kitchens, where the small toys can be placed inside. Our renovated toy kitchen sits in our living room, and believe it or not, it is the most organized room in the house.

play kitchens help kids organize

Plastic bins are not my favorite, but if the toys come in their own bin, that works for me.

toy bins help kids organize

Even better, this is a toy AND its own bin to hold building blocks.

organized toys help keep kids organized

Little collections like matchbox cars, figurines, and jewelry can be stored in wall displays like these.

toy displays keep kids organizedtoy displays keep kids organized









There’s no reason to settle for flimsy plastic bins when you can find cute ones like these at a steep discount from retail prices.

toy bins keep kids organized

This table comes with  six nice-sized wicker bins, which can be used long after baby isn’t using the changing table anymore. This is a steal at just $20 for all. My kids are way out of diapers, and I almost bought this just for the baskets.

bins keep kids organized

Never look past obvious storage solutions, like kid-sized storage ottomans and treasure chests.

ottomans keep kids organized

Little girls can find plenty of purses and jewelry organizers.

jewelry organizers for kidsIf a mom were to buy this for herself, no one would tell. In fact, mom should definitely look for a super cute bag while she’s at the sales.

bags keep kids organized and mom organized

If you are shopping for clothes, you can easily pick up a cute hamper at the same time, like this one found by Kate from Chasing Rainbows.

bins and hampers keep kids organizedSpeaking of clothes, don’t overlook that storage space hiding in your suitcases. Out of season clothes can go in an over-sized zipper bag and be stored in a cute kid suitcase. They won’t be any trouble at all if you only travel a few times a year.

luggage can keep kids organized

Look for bookcases, toy boxes (not my favorite) and sports organizers at consignment sales. Crafts often come in their own cases. And every kind of nursery item (think bottle and diaper organizers) have specialty products that get used for only a few months before the end up at consignment sales.

And when you get those great deals? THIS is what it feels like…

help kids organizeWhere else do you have this much fun in the checkout line?

Does this give you some fresh ideas of what to look for beyond the great deals on clothes when you get to your consignment sales?