Find Filing Space Hiding In Your Kitchen

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Even those who have a home office are often plagued by a universal truth, that papers usually come through or get caught in the kitchen. Everyone has good intentions of getting papers over to the home office, or keeping the little kitchen desk space like this clear, but then reality happens, and papers end up on the counters again. Since it is 1000% easier to change your environment than it is to change your habits, I’d love to show you where the filing space is hiding in your kitchen.

Find Filing Space Hiding in Your Kitchen

If you had a safe spot to actually file in your kitchen, you could probably keep the counters clear for food prep, right? Then meal prep wouldn’t be such a hassle. You might enjoy it more, and maybe even prepare healthier meals. But first, we have to get those papers off your kitchen counter. If we’re lucky, there’s going to be at least one drawer that we can steal and repurpose as a file drawer.

store files in your kitchen with a file drawer insert

To do this, you need a simple file drawer frame like this one is available at This is actually my favorite file frame because it comes in a couple of different sizes, and is made to permanently mount inside the drawer with just a few screws. As long as your kitchen drawer is more than 10″ high on the inside, you’ll probably be able to use this. You won’t believe how much organizing bang for your buck you’ll get from this little frame, priced at around $20.

When properly fitted, this little file frame will be as sturdy as any file cabinet. And you barely even need any DIY skills at all to install it. You can probably install this with just a screwdriver, although I recommend a drill.

Of course, a big part of any home improvement project is the quality and the service you receive. All too often, there are is breakage, a mis-measurement, or as in my case, a broken box during shipping. But when you are dealing with, you have a top notch service team behind you. When I received my order for this file frame insert, it had a hole in the box and one of the steel crossbars had fallen out, which could have happened in any shipment. Their customer service reps were able to replace the whole set right away, in time for my scheduled date with the client. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate being able to reach a responsive, native-speaking customer service team.

If you haven’t been to, be sure to check out their whole catalog, including bathroom and kitchen mainstays, hardware, lighting, and some things that might surprise you. It’s definitely a source to check out if you are taking on any home renovation project. I still have my eye on this little mini-chandelier for my powder room. chandelier for powder room


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convert a kitchen drawer into a filing drawer