What is a Professional Color Consult?

Did you know that HeartWork Organizing offers color consultations?

Color With No Regrets Color Consultations title

Paint is cheap, but a painter and a corrected color choice can get pricey. Let us help you make color selections you are confident about. Of if you aren’t in our area and you are looking for a color consultation in your neck of the woods, here’s what to look for.

Color Consults Require Experience

When getting help, always look for someone with color education and experience. They can be “good with colors” and not know why, or how to deal with challenging situations.

Color Consults Provide More than Just One Color

Don’t just expect to pick one color for a room, but choose an entire palette of colors that you can use throughout your project room and your home, to create a lovely flow. Color isn’t just on your walls. It’s also in the woodwork, furniture, accessories, and even lighting.

Color Consults Consider Lighting

Speaking of lighting, that’s often the key to helping you choose the right colors, whether it’s natural, different types of artificial, or (like most of us are feeling at this point in winter) just not enough lighting. A good color specialist will help you balance and correct lighting so your colors show as intended.

Color Consults Should Be Personal

Choose someone who works with YOUR choices, not just their own “signature palettes”. Your home can and should reflect you, not your decorator’s tastes.

Color Consults Should Not Be Brand-Specific

Similarly, your specialist should be able to work with any brand, and understand how paints and products might affect your choices.

Color Consults Should Offer Samples

They should also be able to provide you with decent sized color samples to test your choices in different spaces, in different lights of the day. If you still need more help, order larger sample color sheets. This can be so much more economical and earth-friendly than ending up with a stockpile of quarts or tester-sizes that you’ll never use.

Color Consults Should Be Detailed

You have a handful of colors, but what goes where? What do you tell the painter? With our consultations, you receive a specific written  plan of what colors go on the walls, ceiling, trim, and other room accents accents.

I’ve invested in learning the patented Confident Color System, and it is just that for clients. (This was formerly called Color With No Regrets, and that sounds just as good to my clients.) We provide your unique color selections, brand advice, a palette of coordinating colors, and hopefully all the education you need to feel really confident that you’ve made great choices that you’ll love for years.

If we can help with selecting colors inside your home, please contact me at Darla@HeartWorkOrg.com.