Kitchen Gadgets that Help Organize

Although we’re always decluttering, there are some gadgets that can truly help organize your home, especially in the kitchen. I thought I’d share a few that I’ve used or am watching. There are affiliate links in this post, so you can click through and know where to get these great gadgets.

Yes, a Lazy-Suzan is old news, but today’s new homes have huge pantries, and so they need bigger gadgets. This one is a whole 18” diameter- HUGE- and works perfectly in the corner of a pantry. It’s just recently available in the Container Store, and it’s pretty fun to take for a spin. That’s three boxes of coffee on that baby, by the way. No problem getting to your favorite java here.

large turntable for organizing coffee

Modern moms love their java. But once you have your coffee maker of choice, you need to store those silly pods. For function, I prefer bamboo drawers under a coffee maker, but how cute is this little gal to organize coffee pods?


I’ve kicked the coffee habit, and I am looking forward to owning this someday. Do you know how much air people store in half-empty tea boxes? This puts tea bags within reach, easily organized. Trust me, I don’t bring many things into my home, but I want this one. Or check out this DIY tea bag caddy I made instead. 


Want to get in someone’s drawers? Probably not, if they lean towards clutter. But OXO’s Adjustable Drawer Organizer gets you organized in a snap, literally. The side slides out to fit your drawer’s width, but the dividers pop in and out to adjust to your perfect placement. I LOVE this item so much, I put two OXO Adjustable Drawer Organizer in my own kitchen.

Organize kitchen drawers with Oxo adjustable trays

Another kitchen item I can’t live without are pull-out shelves (also called roll out shelves). With just 4 screws, I can give any kitchen cabinet a serious upgrade. Seriously, they take about 10 minutes to install. I order them custom-sized to client’s cabinets, so we don’t waste any space.

installed pull out shelf

Here’s a low-budget upgrade From Help My Shelf that solves so many problems for homeowners who just aren’t that handy. Cover wire shelves with this plastic mat and front bib, and add function and a clean look to your pantry in minutes.

Last but not least, kitchens are family and communication hubs, and where the people gather, so do their gadgets and cords. G.U.S. always has great products, and I love this charging station, because it keeps all the gadget cords hidden with an internal power strip, so just one cord gets plugged in on the counter.  Very smart!

Many of these also make great gifts. Something to think about as we head towards Easter and the May/June holidays.

Do you love or have any of these kitchen organizing gadgets? I’d love to hear.



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