Organize a Craft Cabinet

We got a lot done on our latest snow day, including organizing the craft cabinet. My two young girls like to craft, and I love to make it easy to get and put away their supplies. Let me give you a tour, and hopefully some organizing inspiration, too.

Organize Craft Cabinet

We first organized this craft cabinet in earnest about a year ago, when it looked like this.

how to organize a craft cabinet- before

Triangle cabinets are the worst! It’s hard to figure out how to use the space, especially when we have every kind of shape stuffed in here. Square boxes, round cans, boxes and bags, and oddly shaped glue bottles.

I repurposed as much as possible. A cookie tin covered in washi tape holds the pipe cleaner stash.

organize pipe cleaners in a craft cabinetAn accordion envelope organizes the sticker collection.

accordion folder organizes stickers for crafts

Cardboard magazine files hold some paper supplies, and little pails hold paintbrushes and water colors.

organize paint brushes in a craft cabinet

A baby food jar holds our eyeballs.

What? How do you organize your eyeballs???

A paper sorter that came from my office holds paper, fabric and notepads. Lunch meat tubs hold just about everything else, labelled nicely.

use plastic tubs to organize craft cabinet

It took just a few minutes to refresh the organizing systems that we had put in place. Leftovers from craft kits were taking up a lot of room, so we throw leftovers into our little “Parts” suitcase for later. We’re not always headed outside when the kids say/sing, “Do you want to build a snowman?” (Now you’ll be humming that all day, sorry.)

keep craft Parts in a craft cabinet

Mostly our systems have held up pretty well, and the girls know where to get something when they need it, especially the all important purple pencil sharpener, front and center!

Organize a craft cabinet

Never, ever lose your scissors with this little trick. Use 3M Command strips on the inside of the cabinet doors, and hang one pair for each kid.

organize scissors in the craft cabinet

We didn’t buy anyhing to organize this craft cabinet, but if you are on a deadline, you might want to see what we did to organize some other craft cabinets and, the inevitable result, how to store craft projects they make.

My kids can follow the plan, as long as someone else sets up systems to stay organized. Thanks to labels and habits, they know where it all goes, and they’re pretty good about getting it all back there. Yes, there is some organizing maintenance required, but reorganizing the craft cabinet once a year feels just about right.

Organize Craft Cabinet

Did you like any of these craft cabinet organizing ideas? You can pin this.

how to organize the craft cabinet

What is your favorite repurposed item in your craft cabinet?



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  1. Jayne

    I agree about triangular cabinets; I have one too and it drives me nuts!

    1. Darla

      So true. I can’t decide if I like having the space more than I dislike the trouble it is to keep organized. But I’m making it work as best I can. Hope you find a way to make peace with yours.

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