Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids- Pompom Coasters

This cute little Valentine’s Day craft was an easy way to keep the kiddo busy for half an hour. She loves her coaster, which now sits at her place mat, but it would be a cute teacher’s gift, too… if you can get your kid to part with it.

Valentine's Day Craft for Kids- Pompom coaster

Supplies for Valentine’s Day Craft-Pompom Coasters:

  • 2 small bags of mini pompoms
  • tacky glue
  • felt
  • plastic packing material (the layer of plastic that comes in candy boxes is perfect for this)
  • thin satin ribbon (not pictured)

materials needed for pompom coasters

Start by cutting a circle of felt and a circle of the plastic packing material to the same size. I used a coaster we already had and traced that form. Glue those two layers together.

cutting the form for pompom coaster, Valentine's Day craft for kids

Have your kiddo separate the colors you’ll be using. We made a heart shape, so we separated the pink and white pompoms from everything else.

separate pompoms for the Valenting's Day coaster for kids

Outline your desired shape with a thin line of Tacky Glue, and place the pink pompoms into the shape. Let dry for about 15 minutes.

Valentine's Day Craft- pompom coaster (11)When that dries, fill in the rest of the shape with Tacky Glue, and then use the white pompoms to fill in the middle of the shape.

fill in the middle of the Valentine's Day kid craft- pompom coasterLet that dry for another 15 minutes. Repeat the glue and fill-in step with the remaining colors of pompoms around the outside of the heart shape, all the way up to the edge. If desired, finish off with a thin strip of ribbon glued around the edge. Once dry, this little coaster is surprisingly sturdy.

finished Valentine's Day kid craft- pompom coaster

Valentine's Day Craft- pompom coaster