12 Pinterest-Inspired Things to Teach Kids on a Snow Day

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Happy Snow Day. If you are like most moms, there’s just never enough time, but a snow day changes the entire equation. Suddenly, filling a whole day is an opportunity! I feel like Pinterest is the modern-day go-to spot for all those things my grandmother taught me, and these are the things that my kids are still happy to learn while it’s fun, and not work for them. Here are twelve Pinterest-Inspired things to do with your kid on a snow day. If there’s any extra time on my snow day, I might be pinning, so feel free to follow my boards.

12 Pinterest-Inspired Snow-Day activities

1. Teach them to sew. Button, hems, sewing doll clothes. Save yourself some money, and let your kid experience the blessings of a pricked finger. If you don’t have actual sewing supplies, use a hole punch to make holes in the border of felt or paper shapes that you trace or draw, then have them thread yarn over and under. That’s my 5 year old taking charge with the needle.

snow day activities for kids- teach them to sew

2. Bake bread. Mine will be in a bread maker. Already on the counter for the morning. The house will smell SOOO good by lunch time.

3. Remove stickers. My kiddos love stickers, but when they stick to furniture or other household things, yuck. They can learn to take them off, and it isn’t hard. I learned from my friend Carrie that Orange Essential Oil easily removes stickers! Older kids can also use WD-40 or Goof Off .

snow day activities for kids- remove stickers

4. Learn to ice skate. Purchase skates second hand at PlayItAgain Sports or consignment sales. Check local ponds and rinks for safety conditions and hours.

snow day activities for kids- learn to ice skate

5. Bake a pie. Of course.

snow day activities for kids- bake a pie

6. Hold a fashion show. Have the kiddos model their favorite outfits for you, and help them learn some fashion do’s and don’ts in a fun way.

7. Organize their room.

How to Clean a Kids room title1

8. Shovel snow. A kid-sized shovel has huge appeal!

snow day activities- shovel snow

9. Make your own fajita seasoning.

10. Give each other manicures. A girl can learn to be thrifty very early in life.

11. Make blessing bags.

12. Just breathe and do yoga together. My kiddos love to do a baby yoga DVD that I’ve had forever. They grab their baby doll or stuffed animal and do the whole drill. We might not need the exercise after shoveling, but even simple yoga moves are sure to calm them down for 10 minutes. Don’t have a DVD? Search YouTube and apps.

Well, I’ve got my day planned. I’m gonna need a vacation! Happy snow day.

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  1. Donna Costello

    This snow day has our whole family motivated to tackle an organization project! Crock pot, board games, office & closet makeover…get the timer ready. Go!

    1. Darla

      I hope you got a lot done, Donna! Organizing, especially if you are moving fast to beat the timer, works great to burn calories on a snow day. Works for us, anyway.

      1. Donna

        Well, that’s a bonus! I recently had two knee surgeries as a result of a torn acl and any mild to moderate exercise for me is a gift!

        1. Darla

          Sorry about the knee surgeries, but yes, organizing is probably the second best exercise for that kind of injury, right behind swimming.

    1. Darla

      Thanks, Toni. We’re about half way through these ideas, and I am exhausted. I hope we don’t have too many of these this year!

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