Organizing Shoes

Organizing projects in 30 minutes or less, right? Let’s organize shoes in about 3 minutes with just 2 supplies: one that you probably already have, and one that is free. You know I love free, right? And even better, I love turning clutter into a bonafide organizing solution!

Thrifty way to organize children's shoes

Start with a pile of shoes. Do the Sort and Purge thing.

organize childrens shoes in a closet


Move the cat out of the way.

how to organize childrens shoes

Add a rectangular tote like this one. I’m betting you already have something like this.

easy way to organize shoes

Insert dividers from wine boxes. Free at local wine and liquor stores. Here in PA, the stores are called Fine Wine & Good Spirits. Kinda cracks me up. As if there is any other kind worth selling. Anyway, we’re interested in their case dividers today. Below, three of them are nested together. If you can’t find them in your neighborhood, of course, it’s Amazon to the rescue with case dividers shipped to your door.

Voila. Organized Shoes!

use wine case dividers to organize childrens shoes

These are little girl shoes size ~10. This will certainly work for bigger shoes, but with only one shoe per slot depending on the size. This is a great way to store children’s shoes as you pass them down from one kid to the next, or to use for off-season storage.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a totally different shoe organizing solution and a closet makeover. But I’d love to hear what you think of this quick and thrifty shoe organizing strategy.

Thanks for following along on the 31 Days of Clutter-Free Living series. We’re nearing the end of the month, and I’d love to hear what spaces you’ve conquered!

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  1. Denise

    Hey Darla. Sharing on FB today. Who would have thought? Love the idea.

    1. Darla

      Thanks, Denise.

  2. Jennifer O


  3. Cindy

    That is a great idea. I wouldn’t have thought of it but with so many shoes, everything is nicely contained and organized!

  4. Rita

    Great way to store flipflops which have been a big problem for me…thanks for the idea!

    1. Darla

      Yes, this would be perfect for flip-flops! Glad you liked the idea.

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