Organizing With Labels (& Mabel’s Labels Giveaway)

Another Tuesday, another organizing giveaway, this time in partnership with Mabel’s Labels. This is going to save you SO MUCH TIME.

It takes too much time to make those cute labels you see all over Pinterest. You have to buy the right label paper to put through your printer, and mine never print right. I love my stand-alone label maker, but unless you take the time to learn how to use it, those can be a hassle, too.

Enter Mabel’s Labels. Cute. Personalized. High quality. I sound like a commercial, but they are that good.

If you haven’t used them before, you probably don’t get the quality. These are made of special paper and adhesive that stays stuck. Honestly, we have drink cups that have been through the dishwasher for years, and still the label stays on, with bright designs. Pink, of course.

custom_name_baby_labels2_LRGI purchased Mabel’s Labels when my oldest daughter started kindergarten, and we haven’t lost any of her labeled items yet. That right there, my friend, is money in your pocket.

Mabel’s Labels are big at back to school time, of course. But they also have an innovative line of labels for those in senior care. They have a line of labels for folks with allergies. And um, yes, we should have purchased these back in the day. Brilliant, right?

Aaaaannnnd they have a line of home organization labels, which we’re giving away today. Yahoo!

Actually, even better. We’re giving away a prize pack of $100 of Mabel’s Labels, so you can pick your favorite household organization labels, and maybe even add a pack of personalized labels for your family. Here are just a few of the featured household labels.


organize with bin labels
organize with beautiful bin labels


organize the pantry with canister labels
organize the pantry with canister labels


Organize spice drawers with cute labels
organize spice drawers with cute labels
keep trash bins organized and at home
keep trash bins organized and at home


I’m honestly not sure how I feel about this product. Do any of you own the Scan & Stores? Do you love them? If you have a large property, or multiple houses, and you are solid with technology, this could be great for you.

Please enter below to get your fab favorites (up to $100 in value). But even if you don’t win, be sure to get in on the HUGE sale on home organization labels now through the end of January. You can click the image below to get the 25% off deal.

Those folks following along on the 31 Days of Clutter-Free Living, your homework is to evaluate your current label options. Use whatever works, including a label maker you might already own, tape + a Sharpie, or go check out Mabel’s Labels. Let’s meet over at the Clutter-Free Living Facebook group, and talk about our labeling wins.

Remember to enter for the rockin’ contest before you leave. I can’t wait to see what the winner picks!

This post contains affiliate links and was sponsored by Mabel’s Labels.

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  1. Barbara

    I am so thrilled with this daily direction to start re-organizing my home. Having 4 children in 5 years has made our house very busy and exciting. Being organized makes such a difference. Having the labels already made and ready to be put on is like a dream come true. Thank you so much for all of your help and wonderful insight!

    1. Darla

      “Busy and exciting”. I’m sure this is the understatement of your year. Glad we can help!

  2. kits

    this looks great..since baby number 2 is on its way I need a label maker…I Hope I will be able to keep my house organized even after the baby. Hubby n others need to know where have I kept stuff in the nursery in the kitchen etc.this product looks promising.

    1. Darla

      Yes, labeling helps with keeping the peace between siblings, that’s for sure! Good luck on #2.

  3. Maggie C

    My pantry jars and DIY cleansers!

  4. Anne Meibohm

    I’d like some nice labels to put on some of my birding gear so it doesn’t get mixed up with others’ similar items or would get back to me, if I left it somewhere.

    1. Darla

      That would be a GREAT use for these labels. I’d put last name + phone number on them, which is how I label all of my electronics before I take them to conference, for the same reason.

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