Organizing Laundry- How to Air Dry Clothes in Winter

Organizing laundry is a big stumbling block for some households, especially if air drying laundry is part of the equation. We’ve talked about my awesome laundry organizing system before, but let’s just focus in on air drying laundry inside during winter. Back in my cloth diaper days, we were air drying a load of laundry every day. Although I’ve gotten a bit away from it, I love the energy savings and fabric care of air drying laundry. What better way to extend the life of your sweaters, after all, than keeping them out of the rough and tumble dryer? Let’s talk organizing laundry air dry solutions!

My drying rack of choice has always been this Ikea wire rack. It allows for both hanging and flat drying, and it’s sturdy metal, even though it is super light. I use it in the basement during the winter and easily move it out to the deck in the summer.

For the absolute best use of space, I love this PulleyMaid system. Why don’t we have these here in the US?

This beadboard drying rack from Ballard Designs is by far the most attractive one I’ve seen. It just requires a fair amount of wall space to mount.

I really like this rolling, multi-level drying rack available at, because as soon as you load up a laundry drying rack, it’s a sure bet that you need to get something behind it.

If I had the room, I’d love drying drawers like those I saw at Or I would take this laundry room drying drawer, too.

I don’t recommend using your pipes and wires hanging from the laundry room ceiling. This is a non-no.

organize laundry with safe air dry space

The wear and tear on the pipes, and the risk of electrical shorts, is just not worth it.

Instead, we installed this handy little Quik Closet Clothes Storage System just on the opposite wall of the laundry room. It is not only safer, it’s easier to reach and is on the exit path of the laundry area, so clothes will make it back to the closet more quickly after they are dried. This installs easily with a level and a drill.

install a Quik Closet for laundry air dry in winterair dry laundry inside during winter on a quik closet

Remember, when making any changes to the laundry routine, always, always, get the approval of your inspection team.



DSC04197 DSC04200

Check out the overhead drying rack I installed in my own laundry closet to organize laundry.

Bright Blue Laundry Room Organizing Makeover

Is laundry a big factor in your clutter equation? Are the items that need to air-dry a menace? Are any of these air drying solutions better options for you, both for safety and to reduce the clutter?

Take a few minutes today to assess whether you can make changes to improve your laundry and take steps to live Clutter-Free in the laundry room.

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