Organizing Under Bathroom Sinks

Organizing Under Bathroom sinks is another quick-hit, high satisfaction organizing project. It’s a small space, so you can organize under the sink in under 30 minutes, no problem.

how to organize under bathroom sinks

By now, you are familiar with the actual process of organizing, whether it’s your organizing a sock drawer or any other space. Use the S-P-A-C-E process:

  • S-sort
  • P-purge
  • A-arrange/analyze
  • C-containerize
  • E-establish a maintenance plan

Here’s my bathroom vanity before. It’s actually a tiny vanity, smaller than normal, and fairly organized to start. Gotta love the old houses. But do you see why it bothers me?

make best use of space under bathroom sinks

I was going to DIY a double-decker wooden storage solution (and still might), but Aldi had this slim double drawer organizer in stock last fall, and it fits perfectly in this space. This is the same kind of pull out drawer system that I showed you a while back when we organized under another bathroom sink. Of course, the drawers don’t pull out the way it is sitting, but I don’t need them to.

add drawers under a sink for more storage and organization




Containerized– yes, but it still wasn’t super pretty. And some things are easier to keep organized if they are pretty. So I simply covered my box of unmentionables in a scrap of fabric to hide it. (A little spray adhesive works wonders. How did we ever craft without that stuff?)color coordinating accessories when organizing under the bathroom sink

I sprayed a collar of the same fabric to a small glass jar to hold emery boards. It honestly took 10 minutes, including getting all the supplies out. I brought my nail polish back in from the hall closet, and it is easy to get to in a wooden box that might have originally held a puzzle. I never throw away wooden boxes.

simple colorful touches for storage under the bathroom sink


Establish a maintenance plan…I’m the only one who uses this particular space, and it’s super easy to see into and keep uncluttered now. Maintenance will be no problem. Can I tell you how relieved I am to have FOUR rolls of toilet paper nearby, instead of in waaaay out in the hall closet?

Is it just me who loves mountains of extra toilet paper nearby? Can I get an Amen, sister?

If you are following along on the 31 Days of Clutter-Free Living series, pick one bathroom and set an organizing timer for 15 minutes. (You can do up to 30 if you feel like it.)

Don’t get overwhelmed if you have multiple bathrooms. Just do one today.

Don’t get overwhelmed if you have piles of makeup from the 90’s. Purging old stuff is easy.

Don’t get overwhelmed if you have a small space, like I do. Ask yourself, “Do I really use, need, and love this?”

Don’t get overwhelmed. We’ve got a Clutter-Free Living FB group set up with people who can encourage you through this project, and the rest of your decluttering adventures. Come hang with us.

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