Organizing Electronic Cords- It’s the Little Things

It’s the details of organizing that sometimes make the biggest difference. Organizing electronic cords can often be that last little detail that finally makes the room feel finished. If you feel you are an organized person, and you really want to polish to your efforts, cords are something to pay attention to.

Organizing Electronic Cords- It's the Little Things

Two years ago I showed you my home office makeover, but I never finished telling you about it. Let’s just start with just a teensy bit of appreciation for how bad the office was before the makeover, shall we?

organizing lamp cords in a home office

Wowzer. All of the sudden my office looks FABULOUS! Here’s how it looked after we ripped up the carpet, painted, added bench cushions and window treatments, and added much needed new lighting. Oh, and color. Lots of pretty, girly color, even though I am working with a set of black office furniture!

organizing lamp cord in home officeDespite how much I loved my new office, it had one little flaw that drove me bonkers. The new swing arm lamp is absolutely perfect for the space, and provides both ambient and task lighting with a contemporary look in this old house. But the cord hanging off the wall was just messy.

Admittedly, this is a pretty bad picture, taken at night even, but I think anyone can see the clear/silver cord hanging down nearly in the middle of the picture. THAT is what I saw every day when I walked into my office.

WireMold for Organizing Electronic Cord Clutter

Fortunately, there is a very easy $5 fix to organize these types of electronic cords. Maybe it was $8, but I’m telling you, it was totally affordable. Yay! Wiremold is a long plastic channel that you can buy in any hardware store.

Organizing electronic cords in the home office

Just trim the channel with scissors to the length you need.  You slide (or wrestle, to be honest) the cord inside of the channel, snug it up to the fixture, and then stick it to the wall.

Organizing electronic cords in the home office (1)

Then you can PAINT it. Brilliant!

Ready for the after?

Organizing electronic cords in the home office with wiremold

What do you see? I see color. I see bead-board. I see a home office.

I do not see a lamp cord. Whew!

There are many, many other ways to organize electronic cord clutter, but once you see it go away, you want to make AAAALLLL the cords go away!

3M also has lovely Command Cord Clips that are even easier to use, and work great along baseboards.

Just taking the time to match the cord color to the wall or baseboard and clip them out of the way can make a big difference. Now you see them, now you don’t. I’m sorry I didn’t get the same angle on this home office do-over from last week, but you can see how prominent the black cords are on the yellow wall (before picture on the left). You still see them on the right hand picture, but they probably aren’t the first thing you see.

organizing cord clutter in a home office organizing electronic cords in a home office before







If you can’t color match completely, you can always decorate around them, as we did here with a large mirror. Plants and tall baskets are also great camouflage. These cords still need clips on the baseboard to make them go away completely. The desk and office is now organized, but it’s clutter-free around the edges, too. Cords are out of the way, and peace takes over.

organizing cord clutter in a home office

If your cord clutter is on your counter, you might like this Mini Wall Plug-in Charging Dock
that has no cord. How neat and tidy is that?

Or if you have lots of counter top clutter, check out this multi-gadget DIY charging station to organize cord clutter.

multiple tablet organizer

Sometimes it’s the details that make all the difference in organizing, like organizing electronic cord clutter.

Organizing Electronic Cords- It's the Little Things

Your 15 minute homework is to look critically at your workspace or the room you spend the most time in, and see if you can de-clutter by hiding some of your cords. I’d love to hear how you do. Please let me know in the comments below.

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