How to Prepare for Next Year

There’s a lot of looking back and top list of 2014 happening right now. In another week, we’ll all be talking New Year’s resolutions. I actually enjoy this part of the year much more than the crazy, competitive run-up to Christmas.

So how does a professional organizer prepare for the New Year?

I’m closing out the books. Now is the time to making sure everyone has been billed or paid. My business requires this, but it’s fun, too. I can clearly compare this December’s bank balance to last year’s, and see that I met my goals. I can also buy a few last treats (knowing I can afford them) and share the bounty with a few organizations that I care about. Households can do this, too, especially if you’ve worked hard to get organized in your finances, and maybe even worked on becoming debt free.

I’m reworking my business plan. 99% of business owners skip this step every year, but I’ve got it down to a process that takes less than 1 hour, and I honestly reference the darned thing all year long. It keeps me sane, and a free Super Simple 1-Hour business plan can help your business, too!

I’m finishing up some household projects that took longer than expected. Some of them you’ll be hearing about in January. Little things like hanging up a few pictures, repairs, and sewing a few projects. Yep, I have them, too, but I’m tired of tripping over them, and the last few weeks of the year have been a great time to get them done.

I go on an organizing rampage. You knew that was coming, right? I have a schedule of files and bookshelves to clear through in the next week or so. The recycling bin will be over-full when I’m done. I’ll make one more tax-deductible drop off to the thrift store. This time of year just seems to be a good time to get it done.

One thing I’m not very good at is looking back over the last year and celebrating. But I did put my family photo yearbook together and looked through it with my girls. I will make myself go back through my business newsletters, too. That’s my proof of the road I’ve traveled this year. Some people may have a vision board or an actual list of goals (bucket list?), but I’m guilty of rushing into next year without remembering the work that got me and my team here.

Looking ahead, I’m preparing for the big events coming up, like the 31 Days of Clutter-Free Living throughout January (you can see last year’s 31 Days of 30 Minute Organizing Projects here), my presentation at the APPO conference in April and a certain much-anticipated vacation. I’ve added a few services to the business, including real-time video consulting via Google Helpouts and a few certifications. I’m also scheduling time for some online classes I’ve already bought. That means I’ve actually written time on my calendar to sit down and take those courses over the next few months. You’ll hear about those throughout the year, as well, and how they can help you.

You may be doing some of these same things, or you may be kicking back enjoying your holidays. Either way, I hope you’ll join me in January as I kick it up for National Get Organized Month (yes, really) and inspire you to take little steps that can bring big changes.

31 Days of Clutter-Free Living