Getting Organized in the New Year: 31 Days of 30 Minute Organizing Projects

Feeling the need to purge? Rearrange? Declutter and get organized? I’m about to kick off another 31 day series called 31 Days of Clutter-Free Living on January 1. These will be bite-sized projects that you can tackle every day to start your year off right.

But if you are raring to get started, and if you are lucky enough to have some time off this upcoming week, you might want to get ahead of the curve.

Tackle a few organizing projects from last year’s 31 day series:

31 Days of 30 Minute Organizing Projects

Pin this to your Resolutions Board so you can work your way through, one project at a time.

New Years organizing projects

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Also jump over to 31 Days of Clutter-Free Living

31 Days of Clutter-Free Living Organizing

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  1. Linda

    Hi Darla,
    I guess it’s better late than never. I just find out this 31 days last night. Wondering if it’s possible for you to start another 31 days, or 28 days for Feb. for people that just join and still have the opportunity to do so!

  2. Carol

    Just an FYI…Your site has just successfully aborted my attempt to purchase yet an additional 6 candles online while I have many in reserve ! Thank you. Off to tackle some paper clutter now. Have just discovered your pages and am optimistic.

    1. Darla

      Carol, at first I thought you meant there was a problem with my site, but then I realized that we helped you overcome the cluttering impulse. YAY! Best email of my day. Please stay in touch, and good luck to you in your efforts.

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