How to Fix Drawers that Stick

Every DIY-er and most homeowners have come across that one drawer that sticks or doesn’t quite slide correctly. I’ve found the most excellent fix for drawers that stick!

How to fix drawers that stick

This Nylo-Tape Drawer Tape is the answer. It not only fixes sticky drawers, but it also fixes the other problem that older furniture and cabinets often have, which is when the bottom of the drawer is slowly wearing away.

sticky drawers wear away the bottom of the drawer

It’s bad enough that the bottom of the drawer is wearing unevenly from the little roller guide.

drawer roller causes wear

The sawdust it leaves behind inside the cabinet isn’t pretty.

sawdust from cabinet drawer wear
For this situation I actually bought two solutions. I thought I could use the drawer glides, but the Nylo-Tape 10 mil thick x 1/2” x 10 feet ended up being the better solution.

drawer tape makes sticky drawers slide again

It just sticks onto the bottom of the drawer. You apply it either to the bottom of the drawer (as in my case here) or to the top of the drawer shelf (if the dresser or cabinet has a wood shelf or wood runners that the drawer glides on). You only need to apply it to one surface, not both.

fix sticky drawers with Nylo-tape

For years I’ve coated sticky surfaces with either soap or candle wax, but this tape stuff is really excellent for getting the glide going, and it stops the sawdust. I could not believe how nicely it worked on old dressers and even my own little cabinet. Did I mention that there’s no more sawdust?

Thanks to the magic of the internet, you can unstick your drawers in less than a week or two by ordering your own Nylo-Tape Drawer Tape here. It comes in a couple of widths, so check out your drawer frame before ordering what will work best for you.

I’d love to know if you are getting unstuck. Please comment below.