Cookie Pan Organizing Trick

This is still one of my favorite simple hacks ever.

Organizing bakeware

Hang metal cookie pan on the inside of pantry door…reduces number of cookie pans to store in the kitchen.

Hang magnets on the cookie pan…reduces magnet clutter on the fridge.

Both are still completely functional!


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  1. Pat Young

    LOL, I m lucky enough to have a pantry door that lets me put wire rack on I that is wide enough to hold jrs, cans and smallnboxes. Pat in SNJ

    1. Darla

      Hi, Pat! I was just thinking of you yesterday. Yes, those back-of-the-door wire racks can be great for extra storage when you need it. They are also great for basement doors that are near the kitchen, if you need a smidge more space. Have a great day!

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