Mirrored Memo Board

There are many ways to make guests feel welcome, and one is to have easy access to your wi-fi password as soon as they arrive. You can make this lovely, shimmery memo board in less than an hour and keep the wi-fi password or other information easily accessible for guests or yourself, and still have it be part of your decor.

Mirrored Memo board for wifi code

Gather your supplies:

  • frame with glass
  • Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan
  • fabric remnant
  • FrogTape Shape Tape (I used the chevron shape.)
  • Rust-Olem Mirror Finish Spray
  • Dry erase marker

start your mirrored memo board with a thrift store frame

This project starts with a $1 thrift store frame. This frame is really pathetic, with that tacky plastic metal strip on the inside and corner that don’t quite match up, but I was surprised by how awesome it looks with two coats of Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan. No primer, just two coats, and it looks really nice and crisp.

Then tape up the glass in your choice of patterns. I thunk about this for a long time, but I ultimately made it easy and pain free by going with the Frogtape chevron pattern Shape tape. Just remember to think backwards. Whatever you tape will show the fabric we’re using in the next steps. Whatever you don’t tape will show the shimmer from the mirror finish.

Rust-Oleum Mirror finish and Frogtape Shape tape for mirrored memo board

When you have the glass taped, apply very, super thin coats of the Rust-Oleum Mirror Finish. I can not stress this enough! You do not want heavy coats. You’ll be doing at least 5 thin coats. After spraying each one, lightly dab with a wet paper towel. If you do this on each layer, you’ll end up with a mercury glass effect, which is a huge design trend right now, but it’s very classic, so it’s not going to look dated in a year or so. This is the back of the glass.

Rust-Oleum mirror finish on glass

After the Mirror Finish coat dry, remove the shape tape, and cut a fabric remnant to size. This is a nice place to make a statement and go for a bold fabric choice. I wanted to highlight the mirror effect, so I kept my fabric subtle.

Before reassembling your frame, print out your code in your choice of fonts. You don’t have to set the lines up accurately against your pattern, since you can move the printed page down line by line. I was able to lay my printed page behind the Mirror Effect spray and still see enough of it to trace over in dry erase marker. Or, to make this whole project easier, you could make the clear part of your chevron pattern larger by laying multiple pieces of tape side by side, keep your fabric solid, and just write memos on the clear glass. Yeah, that would be easier. Do that.

print wifi code for mirrored memo board

Then reassemble your whole frame, with the fabric in the middle where a photo would usually be. Then completely fill in the outline of your letters with a dry erase marker.

mirrored memo board shows wifi code

I actually did have this board sitting on my mantle when I hosted a class recently and wanted everyone to be able to hop onto my network. Put yours in the guest room so guests can easily connect. You could use this to post phone numbers or other relevant information. In fact, I think I’ll use it for the next few weeks to help the little ones memorize our phone numbers.

Mirrored Memo board for wifi code