Quick Closet Organizing

I love showing a quick closet organizing project, because it really gives you an idea of what is possible in just a few hours. Maybe this will give you inspiration for your own closet organizing project this season.

how to organize a closet

This client had several closets that needed attention, but they didn’t need a new closet system. They honestly and truly just needed organizing, using the five steps for organizing that I always use. Here’s what we started with:

quick closet organizing …and just a few things on the floor.

With a closet this small, we need all the space to really work, and this isn’t cutting it.

the floor of the closet need organizing

This is the organized closet after. Look…FLOOR!

organized closet

But that’s not really impressive. We also organized the second closet including shoes, boots and hats.

closet organizing Closet before and after (13)











We switched out seasonal clothing and put it in a third closet, the cedar closet.

That’s three closets, four seasons, three levels of the house.

So how long did this all take? Less than 3 hours.


The best part? The client donated some lovely but unworn items to her favorite charity, The Career Wardrobe. Did you see my pictures on Instagram from last week’s event at their Wardrobe Boutique? She also sold several lightly used name brand purses and made just about as much money as she paid to work with me. So it was a win all the way around!

how to organize a closet

Does this give you some inspiration to organize your closet?