Super Organized Bathroom Linen Closet

Putting things back together after a renovation can often be tough. After so much energy and decision making on the renovation work itself, restocking the closet can just be one more chore. I recently had a chance to help a client put her space back together, and I thought you’d just love to see how it looks.

These bins help to keep everything accessible and easy to find. The 1″ labels make categories easy to see.

organized bathroom linen closet

From top to bottom, every inch is used. Plastic packaging is used to keep blankets together. The colorful stacks on the left are sheet sets folded into their own pillowcase (click to see how).

extra bed linens organized in  bathroom linen closet

organized towels in bathroom linen closet

The towels are neatly folded in this organized linen closet.

organized towels in bathroom linen closet

It really does make a difference how you fold.

You might not think this is a lot of towels, and that’s because these are just the towels for daily use. The guest towels are organized and on display as part of the decor.

towels in basket

Common bathroom items like cotton balls and soaps are stored here, as well as things you might need only once in a while, like jewelry cleaner. The bins not only make it easy to find things, but are a good way to tell if you have “enough” of something. Do you really need a whole bin or more of deodorant?

medical supplies in an organized bathroom closetEven cleaning supplies and extra paper goods are pared down and neatly organized here on the floor.

organized bathroom linen closet

No more fumbling for the bandages or wondering if you have enough cold remedy. Everything is marked and stored neatly here. Yes, this is the one and only linen closet in the home, and it’s admittedly small, but by using every inch, it is more than sufficient.


Can you take any ideas from this organized bathroom closet to try in yours?