Love Your Closet More with a Pocket Door

When one of my clients moved into a new house and asked for help with a new closet system, I noticed right away that she was going to hate her master bedroom if she didn’t do something about the doors in the two master closets. Bi-fold doors are hard enough to start with. The swing door was opening into the bi-folds! Who wants to fight with these doors all the time?

closet doors bang into each other needs a pocket door

And yes, she also needed a new closet system. This one was in pretty bad shape and customized for the last owner.

closet system in need of repairAt my suggestion, the client had a pocket door installed, which slides back into the wall when not in use. Well, actually I suggested a barn door because I love them so much, but a pocket door works just as well.


Pocket door makets a closet easier to useHere’s what you see from the inside.

pocket door from the insideHeartWork Organizing installed a new double hanging closet system, with one side for his…

pocket door and one side for hers. The adjustable shelving on the back wall is shared.

closet system for her clothesThe client was kind enough to let me come in with very little notice and take these pictures after she moved in. This is how a great closet looks in real life, folks, without the hours of perfect folding, staging, and styling that you are used to seeing in magazines. We can all hope that ours looks as nice.

And now they can all live peacefully ever after.

pocket door closed

Do you have doors in your house that bang together? Would a pocket door be a solution that you could use?