Glam Coastal Living Room Makeover

Warning: this glam coastal living room makeover may cause you to want to move to the coast. Or makeover your living room. Or both.

glam coastal makeover living room


Here’s the before:

living room makeover before

living room makeover before

With the nearby dining room:

living room makeover with dining room

If you are thinking, what the??? Please let me explain. This lovely woman moved into this home not that long ago. It’s a new chapter in her life, and she’s updating her style using much of what she already owns, but adding on the beach flair, because she would be happy if her toes never left sand again. She had gotten as far as purchasing a beautiful new sofa, but was waiting on us to bring the magic.

We didn’t import sand for her, but I think we got her pretty close to the ocean with this one-day redesign:

glam coastal living room makeover after

Come on in and let me show you around…

rug in living room makeover

Don’t you just love this peacock rug? I knew before we started that it was too small, but bringing in the smaller version allowed us to test the colors. The 8×10 rug is being shipped to her home now.

rug in living room makeover

The buffet/TV stand is a perfect place for family pictures (some frames to be filled) and beach accents.

beach accents in living room makeover

This chair is not only comfy and sophisticated, it is also a swivel rocker. Oh, and it is made in the USA. Love!

chair in living room makeover

Then we have a beautiful mirrored chest and over-sized ocean art focal piece. Can you hear the waves yet?

living room makeover art

The dining room is open to the living room, so she got a little beauty treatment, too.

living room makeover with dining room

The entry area, which sits behind the couch, carries the theme. It’s always lovely to have a place to drop your keys on the way in, and a mirror to check your look on the way out.

glam coastal living room foyer

It’s all the details and textures that make this space feel pulled-together and inviting.

glam coastal living room makeover

It only took a few hours to totally transform this living room. I honestly did not want to leave this space! What about you?

Glam coastal living room makeover

Great furniture should have many lives. You’ll spy some of these beautiful items in this gal’s next home and teal living room redesign, too.

Thanks for the feature over at Crafty Allie’s blog, a great idea resource!

Crafty Allie


Do you have a favorite detail in this glam coastal living room makeover?

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  1. PammyPam

    that peacock rug is perfect!

    1. Darla

      Thanks, Pam. Glad it caught your eye. Patterned rugs are a fabulous way to dress up a room.

  2. Anne M

    I love the peacock rug too!

    1. Darla

      Everyone will want one!

  3. The woman

    Love it! Thanks Darla!

  4. Allie

    I love this makeover!I’m featuring it on Worthwhile Wednesdays tonight starting at 8pm.
    Stop by, grab your button, link up and Party!
    ~Allie @ http://WWW.CRAFTYALLIEBLOG.COM/

  5. Susan Goldstein

    I need more ideas of the crowded living room
    I have a baby I need a play area in my living room I have A lots dead Space .

    1. Darla

      Hi, Susan, thanks for stopping by. Glad this makeover inspired you in your own space. Changing up a living room to include a play space for a baby is absolutely do-able. It usually includes things like re-arranging furniture so there is a large open space, suitable for floor-play or dance parties. Make sure there are storage areas for children’s toys, whether in storage cubes or decorative boxes, built-in cabinets, or even a repurposed dresser. And of course, make sure as many surfaces as possible are kid-friendly, like swapping out a pointy-cornered coffee table for a soft, safe ottoman. I hope that gives you a few ideas. If you need a personalized space plan, please contact me directly with pictures of your space, and we can provide you with expert, customized design plans no matter where you live.

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