Staining Swing Set with Thompson’s WaterSeal Wood Stain

Remember when I showed you how to stain a swing set with a sprayer? Congrats to Deborah G. Of Spokane, WA who won the HomeRight Finish Max Pro Paint Sprayer last week! Here’s a few more for you: leave a comment if you are local and want to win these 4 cans of stain for your project. Or you can still win a Calphalon slow cooker (great for easy back to school dinners) or a copy of the September HGTV Magazine.

Today I wanted to finish up that swing set project with another product. Thompson’s sent me some Wood Stain WaterSeal to try, and this is the only outdoor wood furniture we have, so I saved the rock wall to try it out on. Here’s what it looked like after I stained everything but the rock wall.

staining a swing set with Thompsons

As with any kind of spray project, you need to protect what you don’t want sprayed, so I taped off all the hand holds.

tape off what you don't want to spray when staining

I used two cans of stain to cover the front and back side. Boy, was I glad to have my Rust-Oleum Comfort Grip. This thing is totally worth the $7, and I’m sure you can get it at the Home Depot, although I’ve given you the Amazon link here. My fingers don’t hurt from holding down the nozzle. You don’t think about what stress that is on your hand.

spary can comfort grip

Here’s the rock wall in progress…

staining swing set with Thompson's WaterSealAnd here it’s completely done.

rock wall stained with Thompsons Waterseal

It took care of color and water protection in one step. That’s a huge time saver. I got through this in about 15 minutes, no problem. Remember to save the can caps for paint props.

Please remember to ALWAYS do your spray projects away from your house, and wear eye protection even if you are outside. I noticed after I finished that there was a hazy cloud wafting away from the swing set. Since this is an aerosol, the particles are very fine and it does produce a little cloud. I didn’t notice that when I used the HomeRight sprayer. And since there is no way to adjust the spray pattern or size, you might find that you have a tad bit more overspray with these cans that you would a project sprayer. I’m not saying one is good or bad, just different tools for different projects.

I won’t be able to comment on whether the Thompson’s or Cabot stain that I used on the main part of the swing set holds up better until next year.

Thompsons WaterSeal Wood Stain

One of these cans of Thompson’s is supposed to cover a deck chair nicely. Lucky for you, I have 4 of them left, but since I can’t ship them, I’d be happy to give them all to one of my local readers. If you would like them, please leave a comment below, tell me about your project, and I’ll make a decision of my own choosing who gets them.

I love these giveaways. In fact, congrats to Deborah G. Of Spokane, WA who won the HomeRight Paint Sprayer last week! Don’t forget to leave a comment if you are local and want to win these 4 cans for your project.

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