Fairy House

I wasn’t so sure about being on the Tinkerbell bandwagon, until I learned that she’s really an engineer. She’s winning me over. So on a recent trip to the craft store, we picked up some supplies to create a little fairy house for her and friends. I did not think this was going to end well at all because, as I keep telling y’all, I am not crafty in the kid department, but I do love to create and fix. Which is to say, I’m more like Tinkerbell than I ever knew.

Here are the raw materials for the fairy house.

supplies for Fairy House

The most fun part of the project was definitely mixing the paint. I’m not sure my girls have ever done it with such intention. We had kit paints leftover from a wooden boat they “made” earlier in the week. We mixed blue and yellow to get green, blue and red to make purple, and red and yellow to make orange. And this is what we came up with.

Painted Fairy House

I’m sure you already knew, although I just learned this week, that the way to attract a fairy is to shake something shiny around in the air. We took this little shiny disco ball, hot glued some fishing line, and tied the string into the mesh top. I’d like to know how the girls learned the term “disco ball”.

Disco ball in the fairy house

The outside was festooned with orange silk flowers and two resident birdies, also sparkly, also hot glued.

birds atop a fairy house

My big girl stamped the “Welcome Fairies” atop the door. She didn’t quite get the hang of following the tape template, but it might actually be more charming this way.

welcome fairies sign at fairy houseThe inside of the door was also stamped. Honestly, I did this part. It’s just a question mark stamp, turned upside down. The girls are absolutely obsessed with the little latch to the door, although we’ve talked a lot about how we’d never actually want to catch a fairy. We’re still working on that concept.

door to the Fairy House

We’ve been open for operation for about a week, and haven’t had a fairy visit yet. I’ll be the first to let you know when we do.

Finsihed Fairy House

By the way, I wanted to share this now because summer decor is on sale at Michael’s, and we got this little house for about $1.50 on sale. I hope you can find a starter home like this on sale at your local craft store.

Do you have memories of building a fairy house when you were little?

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  1. WANDA

    Darla I love this idea. And yes info remember making a fairy house as a child. I am so doing this with Maddie. Thank you so much.

    1. Darla

      Wanda! thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a great time building your own fairy house. Let me know if you catch any. Always catch and release, of course,

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