Organizing Under Sinks

Sinks are another household hotspot that most people are always trying to tame. Usually, the vanity or cabinet under the sink is just one big open space that gets easily disorganized. Even with some bags or containers, it can still be a jumble.

bathroom and kitchen organizing

One of my very favorite organizing tools that is actually worth the money is a set of drawers made specifically for this space. Bed Bath and Beyond is my favorite place to get these, although you can find them elsewhere. The key is to get ones that are heavy duty enough to hold your gear, and they should screw down into each other, if not to the cabinet itself.

organized under sinkWhat a difference in just a few minutes. The built-in dividers made these drawers easy to organize and help keep little personal items off the counter.

My friend Denise featured this bathroom organizing idea on her blog DeniseDesigned a while back. Check out her site for more great inspiration.

Have you tried these little organizing space savers in your bathroom or kitchen?

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  1. linda

    Will try these heavy duty ones because the plastic ones do not work for us! Thanks.

  2. Stacey Roberson

    This is the type of organization I need for my bathrooms. The baskets would definitely help. Trying to cram too much stuff in one cabinet just isn’t working.

    1. Darla

      The baskets really are great. I agree, trying to cram the drawers is usually not my number one proposed organizing strategy. 🙂

  3. Jo

    I have used sturdy ice cream containers (1/2gal.)for my different hair brushes, and also curling irons! In my vanity drawers which are packed with make-up, face creams, and extra things sent when I belonged to a beauty club. In those drawers I have used different size boxes or other things I may have used before! I first cover the drawers with pretty paper and then the boxes etc! I then have everything in the same category together, I don’t have to go crazy looking for something I need when ready for make-up, face cream or whatever, because now I can see at a glance! Hope this is helpful!

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