Arhaus Furniture: Favorite Source for Home Decor

Want to come shopping with me for home decor? One of my favorite places is a relatively new store in the King of Prussia Mall. Arhaus Furniture (yes, it’s pronounced Our-House) is a lovely, lovely mix of chunky masculine and glam feminine styles that really work well together.

Arhaus Decorating Furniture Title

I was invited there a while back to check out their new line of dishes. I happened to have my shiny new camera, and the store staff was happy to let me take a few pictures. Just a few.

Come take the tour with me. Their copper-top tables and buffets are one of my favorites. You can have their furniture topped with copper, or just buy a top for something you already own. Each one is hand forged in South America.

copper top table
I am absolutely in love with these wood-backed scroll chairs. You can upholster them in hundreds of fabrics in store.

Arhaus Decorating Furniture (12)Their bedrooms are glam, even the more masculine styles.

Arhaus Decorating Furniture (16)


I’ll take this one, please.

Arhaus Decorating Furniture (7)

Yes, there is a lot of neutral going on in this store, but what I love is the way that it makes the statement colors come alive.

Arhaus Decorating Furniture (6)

This TV cabinet is one of my most favorite pieces. EVER. I will own this someday. Now you see it…Arhaus Decorating Furniture (19)

Now you don’t.

Arhaus Decorating Furniture (20)

Big chunky bookcases? Yes, please. Don’t worry, it’s just my camera that’s on an angle. The bookcase sits up just fine.

Arhaus Decorating Furniture (8)


This light fixture is something special, and would work especially well in a vintage or industrial setting.

Arhaus Decorating Furniture (24)


This sweet breakfast table is generously sized, topped with stone, and would fit perfectly in many kitchens with bay alcoves.

Arhaus Decorating Furniture (34)

Everyone needs a desk, and this one makes a statement. I’m not sure if this is a one-of-a-kind piece, as some items in the store are, or if this is mass-produced. Either way, it’s stunning.

Arhaus Decorating Furniture (30)This driftwood and glass side table is unusual, organic, and warm, as so many glass-topped tables aren’t.

Arhaus Decorating Furniture (39)

This sideboard could do so many jobs. It would be perfect on a covered patio, but I could also see it in a more casual dining room or as an artist’s table. Even an entry hall, if it were large enough.

Arhaus Decorating Furniture (42)

Oh, I promised you a look at those dishes, didn’t I?

Arhaus Decorating Furniture (17)

The color on the ceramics is just my style.

Arhaus (1)

While you are drooling, this might be a good time to remind you that I offer personal shopping services in conjunction with design projects. If you love some of the things here, or if you feel like you need an update but don’t want to spend good money on something you aren’t sure about, please call me. We can find a few special pieces for a quick room refresh, or we can bring in an entirely new look. Just let me know how I can help.

In case you are wondering, this is not a sponsored post. I just really love this line, and would be proud to help you choose what’s best for you. Arhaus isn’t in every part of the country, so if you love something, please get on their catalog list, or email me with pictures and I’ll help you find just the right thing for your space.

Did you find a favorite on this tour? Please do tell in the comments.