Summer Tablescape {Red, White & Blue}

Since the 4th of July is my favorite holiday, I thought I’d take a break from posting. I don’t really do up a red, white and blue theme or anything. I just love that it’s usually hot and usually low key.

But then I remembered I actually did have a red, white and blue tablescape to share with you. Some of my friends from Mothers and More were over last week for some serious work, and when we’re up to serious work, we always start with food. Nothing fancy, but we had a desert pot luck evening. I just purchased some cute new place mats and napkins at HomeGoods, and they are my favorite blues. Even better at just under $10 each for a pack of four.

blue HomeGoods place mats

Did I ever mention that I’m super picky about placemats? They have to be something that will wash well, since ours get washed at least once a week. Most place mats are the kind that are two pieces of fabric, just stitched together on the sides. They don’t wear well, because they always seem to come out of the washer funny, when the layer between the front and back gets bunched up. No matter how pretty they are, I’ve stopped buying them. But these blue and white ones are just a single layer of heavy cotton, thick enough to absorb spills, but should wash up just fine. My other favorite placemats are the ones that are quilted. They also seem to get through the wash without losing their shape.

Anyway, back to my simple tablescape, I went with a mix of turquoise paper plates for easy cleanup, and my favorite aqua glass juice glasses from One Kings Lane, perfect for casual wine. Is there any other kind?

red white and blue tablescape with One Kings Lane glasses


I added a mix of white dishes, which look great on any table setting.

My desert contribution to the evening was a Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake Cookie Dough Dip with pretzel chips. You’ve got to try this recipe from my friend Heather. Just be sure you get the safe eggs called for in the recipe if you include the raw egg.

red white and blue tablescape with recipe

I would have added some flowers to the table, but I knew there was going to be too many goodies on the table when my friends arrived, and we needed every little inch. See, you can break a decorating rule every now and then, especially if you are taking care of the people first! I totally should have a picture of the ladies here, but we were having so much fun, we forgot to break out the cameras!

placemat tablescape red white and blue

I love a quick pick-me-up with new placemats. You could use this table for any little get-together this summer.

What do you think of this mix of red, white and blue? Does it bother you that it’s not traditional colors? Does it look fresh and inviting to you?

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Non-Traditional red white and blue table setting



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  1. Heather M

    Yum! Thanks for using my recipe. I love the “twist” on red, white, and blue. I tend to fight “traditional” decor so it’s perfect for me.

  2. Darla

    Thanks, Heather. I’m the same way. Flag colors aren’t ones that I usually decorate with, even though I’m all blue all the time. BTW, your dip is amazing! I’m finding other ways to enjoy the leftovers this week, like on plain bagels and baked into crescent rolls. Yum!

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