Basket Art for the Bathroom

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Here’s a colorful quickie for you. In a recently renovated bathroom (wait till I show you that before and after!), this client wanted to free up some closet space and add some color to the room at the same time. She purchased all new towels, and we hung them above the commode.

towels in basket

She purchased several different baskets, and I chose the one I thought gave use the right shape and color.

I might be the only one of your friends who enjoys folding towels five different ways to find one that is most pleasing.

folding towels to look pretty

These baskets are hung like any other picture, with anchors and screws. You can’t see the hardware screwed right through the bottom of the baskets.

Basket with towels mounted above toilet

The client and I were chuckling that I matched the decor that day we hung the baskets. I swear, she insisted on taking this picture. I don’t always hang things when I’m wearing heels and a dress, but whatever.

coordinating with towels

OK, your turn. How do you store towels, besides in the closet?



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  1. Joann B.

    Thanks so much, Darla, for this fabulous addition to my new bathroom! I have more people oohing and aahing over the towel baskets than any other single feature in the renovated space. It’s the idea everyone wants to copy (and it’s alot easier and cheaper than the other parts of the reno!)

    1. Darla

      Thanks, Joann. It was a pleasure to solve that problem and add simple beauty.

  2. Vee

    Very nice what are they hanging on

    1. Darla

      Picture hanging hooks. Easy peasy.

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