Closet Organizing: Rolling Bins

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Closets. Black holes. Might be the same thing, especially if they are too deep. My own coat closet is the perfect example. It starts in the hallway but runs back under the stairwell. It is less than three feet wide, but it is SEVEN feet deep. Ridiculous.

Closet Organization

We’ve already hung two coat rods, one in front of the other, which sort of works because the kids’ coats are small and can hang on the front rod.

But the stuff on the floor is another story. We store the extra dining room table leaves in the back, along with the Emergency GO bag and boots. We actually do use all of the space, but it is hard to use and impossible to keep this closet organized. Most houses have some variation on this too-deep closet.

I’ve been working up an idea of a simple, sturdy wooden rolling bin to make accessing the back of the closet much easier. If I get the chance, I’ll definitely make a couple and show you. But seeing as there hasn’t been a lot of free time around here lately, I might just buy the ones I’m seeing at One Kings Lane, like this.

rolling bin for organizingTheirs come in pairs and have cute stencils like Stow/Away, Odds/Ends, and His/Hers. Of course they’d be great under a bed, but in a deep closet, it’s a killer application to store boots and backpacks. I’d probably still tweak them just a bit, drilling a hole in the front to tie a rope in, so we could put one in front of the other and still be able to get to both with just a little tug, or maybe somehow link them together train-style.

If you like the look of these rolling bins as much as I do, check out these and the other great sales on One Kings Lane. They release great collections every day, from small accessories to large furniture and things you’ll be hard pressed to find in your local stores, but they are only here for a short time. Happy shopping!