Someone’s Future is Hanging in Your Closet: Career Wardrobe


You’ve heard about those places that take in women’s work clothing and helps women prepare for their next interview? We have some of those organizations right here in Philadelphia. One of them, the Career Wardrobe, has a lot to offer you!


Yes, you can donate your career wear, including suits with pants and skirts, accessories, and workwear such as black or tan pants and white tops. These items go directly to the center where clients who are looking for jobs, many of them with assistance from various social service agencies. These folks will get one complete outfit for their interview.





They might also receive resume help and job counseling through the classes taught there.

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Think about what a high-quality, name brand outfit like this might mean to someone who has been in between jobs for a long time, pinching pennies, with the weight of the world on her shoulders. You might have goods like this gathering dust and going out of style right now in your closet!


Even the shoes are included, because every girl knows that the shoes can make the outfit.


You can donate any type of women’s wear. Even the fancy stuff, some of which might not be right for an interview, helps the mission when it goes over to the Wardrobe Boutique at 1822 Spring Garden St. Philadelphia, PA 19130. This Boutique is open to the public 6 days a week, and has some great deals. One of my favorite sweaters is from there. I even wore it in my headshot. (Shhh, don’t tell.) Everything sold there raises money that goes right back over to the Career Wardrobe. They even sell wedding dresses!

Man, I have got to get back down there, soon!

Delaware County, PA Friendly Face

 I mean, how cute is this outfit???  I would certainly be more confident walking into an interview like this.


The Career Wardrobe is celebrating 18 years of this work, supported by the Women’s Alliance, who supports organizations like this in many communities. On Thursday, June 5, their annual “A Perfect Fit” event will celebrate their 18th birthday nearly a century after American women earned the right to vote at age 18. You’ll enjoy a fashion show, a silent and live auction, and a cocktail reception as you help more women in transition journey toward self-sufficiency.

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I have donated a box of high-end velvet hangers and an afternoon of closet organizing to their silent auction. It’s a $375 value, but you know how these silent auctions go. You’ll end up getting it for a steal. You and I could work together to bring in more beautiful garments- just gathering dust in your closet- to help women you may never know, but who will benefit from your organizational skills and generosity. (Did I mention there’s a tax deduction in it for you?)


Thanks for checking out the Career Wardrobe, the Wardrobe Boutique, and the upcoming “A Perfect Fit: Empowering 18 event.