Custom Display Wall Using IKEA Billy Bookcases

I am completely and utterly stumped how I have never featured this custom display wall using IKEA Billy bookcases. Well, it’s waaaaaaayyyyy overdue, so here it is.

Custom Display Wall Using IKEA Billy Bookcases

Here’s the area before. Sorry for the glaring flash. This space isn’t usually so cluttered, but this shot was taken just as the kitchen was being unloaded for a major facelift, so much more stuff than usual was hanging out here.

Can you see the unused storage space? The obvious potential? The opportunity to make the space work harder?

IKEA Billy Bookcase Builtins

Here’s the neat thing about the Billy system. Most people find it hard to piece together. Sure, it’s a bookcase, but you can also add doors, like the center glass doors you see here, to create more of a display piece. There are half doors, frosted glass, different sizes of storage, and lots of things you probably didn’t know existed. If you decide to go this direction, feel free to call me for onside shopping assistance. That big blue Swedish store can be a bit intimidating.

So, we mapped out a plan to display three Billys in the alcove. A contractor was brought in for the changes needed, including:

  • moving the floor vent forward to clear the front
  • moving the intake forward in the inside front wall to clear the unit
  • assembling the units
  • building a base for all three units, to lift them so they are even with the existing room divider shelves on the left
  • Securing the backs to the wall for even greater stability
  • Pulling the outlets through the backs of the units
  • trimming out the whole unit with a single finish molding

Ikea Billy Bookcase Built ins

In the end, these units displayed some lovely treasures beautifully!

IKEA BILLY Bookcase built ins

I’ve told the client this before, and it is so true. Hers is one of my favorite houses to decorate because every single thing that she has is so personal, and deserves to be displayed honorably and in a special way. Even these little kitty cat plates have a lovely story.

Decorating with custom Billy bookcases from IKEA


And her beloved artisan dishes get special treatment, but are still ready to offer hospitality to friends at a moment’s notice, kept behind glass nearly dust-free.


Kitchen after 034Billy Bookcase glass fronts

In the end, this is such a great use of space, and a beautiful display of precious artifacts, that we both agree the Billy bookcases were the perfect solution here, saving thousands of dollars in the bargain.

Billy Bookcase displays dishes

What do you think of this semi-custom solution?

Have you wanted to build in Billy bookcases in your place?

Congratulations to Sally R. for winning the MOS giveaway. I really appreciate you reading and entering for these fun giveaways we’ve had going on this spring.

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  1. Pat Young

    I’ve used Billy Bookcases for many years! I used to go way out of Philadelphia. In my last home I fit them around and under double windows in the master bed room for wall to wall bookshelves (1987!). They are the greatest! Pat in SNJ

  2. Kristen

    How much did it cost to have the vent moved forward?

    1. Darla

      Kristen, thanks for stopping by. There wasn’t a line item for this. It was part of all the carpentry work being done, including the trim and other woodwork.

  3. Arlene

    This was a great idea.

    1. Darla

      Thanks, Arlene. Not a week goes by that I don’t find another home we could do this in. I hope you consider it if you need more storage in your place.

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