A Furry Farewell: Photos-to-Watercolors

If you have a picture, you can make magic. Really, I am not watercolor artist, but am learning to do more with my camera. I was able to make a beautiful painting to memorialize a special cat who passed away not long ago. I’m sharing because you might not realize the power of those photographs that you, yourself have taken.

This random photo was nothing special. In fact, it’s kind of a not very good picture, on a basic backdrop, with a food bowl in the background.

how to make a watercolor from a photo

There’s an app called Waterlogue that folks are crazy about. It works with Instagram photos, and I’m just not that into Instagram. But I found a similar feature on iPiccy.com, which is a great free photo editing software. If you look around on your favorite photo editing software, you might find something similar.

Well, this is the edited version, which looks amazingly artistic, if I do say so myself.

how to turn a photo into a watercolorEven better, I had this mounted onto a sleek metal panel, which can be hung just like any picture.

Photo to watercolor transformation

It’s sad that we lost this funny, furry little guy, but it’s special that we could have a lovely memory of him, still.

Your photos have power. I hope that if you don’t know how to harness the power of those memories with fancy camera tools and editing tricks, you will find someone who can help you. You can contact me or find an Association of Personal Photo Organizers member near you at APPO.org.