Using Cloth Napkins

We’ve used cloth napkins so long now, that my kids don’t know any different. The paper towels are essentially hidden away, doled out for special emergencies. Since I’m doing laundry anyway, and I have a laundry basket in my kitchen, it works out well for me.

I get a new set of napkins every year or so. I look for decent quality, 12 for about $15, usually easy enough to find at TJ Maxx.

why I use cloth napkins

I really should stop buying the white ones, since they stain a bit more easily that the ones with color. And we know I love color!

color in cloth napkins

A client recently asked me how to store cloth napkins on the dining room table. We use two drawers in our hutch in the dining room, which I honestly forgot also used to store bibs and baby utensils. Time to clear those out!

where to store cloth napkins

If you are using a basket on the table for your linens, be sure to have two. Rotate them between the table and the laundry area, so you always have fresh, and you can store twice as many without having them all hang out on your table top.

My napkins don’t always coordinate, but we always have them handy, usually with a napkin at each place setting. Solid color place mats and white napkins always work well together.

cloth napkins in the table setting.

Have you made the switch to cloth napkins?

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  1. Pat Young

    Wish I knew how to send pix! My sil folded 3 cloth napkins into triangles, hung them over a curtain rod, overlapping them to fit and voila had a valance for her kitchen window. It is so cute 🙂 Pat in SNJ

    1. Darla

      Yes, that can be a cute look. Patterned napkins can be very pretty little accents, including easy covers for worn out pillows.

  2. PammyPam

    we use cloth napkins for all of my formal events. formal hahahah anyway you know what i mean. i buy them at thrift stores and they cost PENNIES. they go in the regular wash and are GREAT! i even have Christmas ones.

    1. Darla

      Of course I know about those formal events. We have them here, too!

  3. Jacquelyn

    Thanks for letting me know where to get cloth napkins. I always forget to buy them when I’m out and about. Will add it to my shopping list.

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