2 Hour Bedroom Quickie Makeover

bedroom makeover

How much can you change in a couple of hours? Quite a lot, it turns out, like this bedroom makeover in just two hours (most of it spent ironing, to be honest).

It all started with this artwork from HomeGoods. Trellis patterns are kind of my thing. OK, really my thing right now. And I love color. That should really be my personal tagline. And it set me back less than $50. We have the trifecta, folks. But as you can see, it sat unused and unloved for more months than I want to admit.

Inspiration art for bedrom makeover

I wanted new bedding to go with the new art, but I’ve gotten very fond of our very calm, zen-like bedroom. And I’m rather fond of duvets, since they are much easier to launder than entire king-sized quilts. So the hunt was on for months, until I found this:

bedroom quickie makeover (5)Oh, yeah, the napkins? Well, I’m a wacky designer, so anything goes. What I had in mind was remaking a pillow that was past it’s prime in another room:

bedroom quickie makeover (6)

So, a day came when I had more energy than good sense, the kids were behaving, and maybe I had a bit of chocolate to fuel me through the afternoon. I thought I would need two napkins, but just one covered the body of the pillow perfectly, so I quick dragged out the sewing machine, chopped off the corner tassels, and made it happen.

remade pillow for bedroom makeover


Then  I ironed the duvet, which I normally would not do, but since I invited you in for this makeover, I thought I’d give you the royal treatment. The ironing took HALF of the project time. Hanging the art, the genesis of this whole project, only took a few minutes.

The other big change was eighty-sixing the bedskirt. I’ve had this bedskirt from a previous bedding set for waaaaay too many years, and it was never the right thing for this freakishly high bed.

bedskirt before

I really just wanted a clean look, accomplished by not storing anything under the bed, and removing the skirt.

no bedskirt in bedroom makeoverI already had a super soft blue blanket that I hadn’t been able to work into the decor yet. It was one of those things that I HAD TO HAVE after touching it, it was that soft.

Ready for the big reveal? Here’s the before, with afternoon light landing on the foot rail:

bedroom makeover before

And here’s the update:

bedroom makeover after

Still pretty fresh, clean and light, but with a tad more color, and at a price that’s easy to live with.

What do you think? Are you inspired to try a bedroom quickie makeover of your own?


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  1. Barb Wendel

    Your room is lovely and exactly the colors and feel for my extra bedroom. I finally got the hubs to remove the behemoth untouched treadmill out so I have a blank canvas once the rose dirty rug is gone. I just have to find the right spread. Kohl’s has a great chevron set in blue that I am leaning toward. I sew a lot so that may be an option too. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Darla

      Barb, keep looking for that perfect bed spread. They can be hard to find, but then the right one just jumps out at you! I love to hear about you taking back a room that hasn’t been doing much for you. You pay for all of that real estate, so you may as well enjoy it all, right? Please call me if you need help pulling it all together, but you can see that you can make a big impact with just a few key changes.

  2. Natalie Gallagher

    Well Darla, we know when you get a little chocolate in your system there is no stopping you!

    Great job…it looks marvelous!

    1. Darla

      Chocolate can make all the difference between to-do and done, that’s for sure!

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  4. The woman

    Love this bedroom makeover Darla.

    1. Darla

      Thanks. The ironwork or trellis motif is hot right now.

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