MOS Cord Organizer Giveaway

File this under something you didn’t know you needed, but do. The MOS Cable Organizer system is pretty cool.

I’ve talked about cable clutter before. I hate cables, and I hate looking at them. When I did my own office redesign, I solved this problem for myself with a series of 3M Command Hooks mounted on the far side of the desk you’ll never see.

Cable organization using 3M Command Hooks

This is a far better solution than the usual…none, which leaves cables ratted up on the desk and the floor.

But then I received this:

MOS Cord Organizer

The MOS (Magnetic Organization System) keeps cable clutter off the floor and in easy reach using magnetism.  It is in fact the only cable organizer that Apple will sell in their stores in North America. If you’ve ever had problems with cable clutter on the floor or if you’ve had to reach behind furniture to get your smartphone’s charge cable then you are familiar with the problem that this solves. You can see it here:

This organizer was designed to be in plain sight and keep your cables off the floor. It sits on the desk or attaches to the wall with the included 3M Sticker. (Looks like they are onto me.)

cord organizer

According to MOS, it will not damage electronic devices.  If you put the MOS directly on top of or underneath an electronic device, such as a laptop or hard drive, this could potentially be damaging to the device. However, if you set the MOS right next to an electronic device it will not harm the device in any way. Check out the following link for more information about using magnets alongside electronic devices.

The MOS combines innovation and elegance into a useful and easy to use device, which is why it is the only cable organizer that Apple sells in its stores. A lot more detailed information on the MOS is available at our website at

Even more than the office, I think the MOS MENOS might just be essential equipment for the car.  In April, they will officially be launching the MOS Menos, a smaller version of the MOS ideally suited for using it in your car.  Gone will be the days of having to fumble after your charger cords while driving.  You will be able to stay organized in your car as well as in your home or office.

I really like the sleek, Apple-esque design of the MOS, but lucky for you, I already have my handy 3M Command Hooks within reach, so I am giving away my sample.

WIN your own MOS

Just leave a comment on this post, tell me where you would use this, and I’ll randomly select a winner on May 12 (subject to my site policies and disclosures).

So leave your comment to win your own MOS. Where would you use this?

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  1. kirti shrikhande

    i just love this since my toddler just loves to play with the wires…this awesome system will be a blessing to me and him 😛

  2. A

    i would use it n my “nest” area, that is in the neighborhood of my favorite chair.

  3. Pat S.

    I would definitely use this under my desk, where it looks like spaghetti junction. Thanks, Darla!

  4. Sally R

    This would be great on my desk since most often I use a laptop wireless, but need to go to my desk to hook up to the printer. This is also where I charge my e-book and keep that cord.

  5. Whitney Zuleski

    Wow! This would be great in my office, and I’m also thinking of creating a family charging station in the kitchen so I can better monitor the kids’ “screen time” and of course keep my husband’s and my own cell phone charged!!

  6. Paul Reitman

    I would use this under my desk to reduce ugly spaghetti junction to neat modern clean looking and safer easier to use area. Thank you, Darla.

  7. Debra Lee

    This would be handy on my nightstand!

  8. Michele @ Our Rosey Life

    We are an Apple family, so this could be used in any of 100 places – computers, phone charging station, iPad charging spot… and the list goes on.

  9. Allie

    Definitely a must to keep all the clutter off my dresser. I have a hard time untangling them. This would be great to have!

  10. Amye Gumbinner

    Thank you for this opportunity! Great product! I would use it next to my bed instead of wrapping my charger cord around my nightstand drawer pull!

  11. Peggy

    I just started a home based business and a Blog. I would love having this NEAT MOS cord organizer in my home office. I love being organized, it saves sooo much time and patients!
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Peggy L

  12. Jeanine @MommyEntourage

    I’d use it for all my charging cords in the kitchen!

  13. Sue L

    Now you know I NEED this in my office! Cords, cords everywhere!!

  14. Leslie

    I would use it in our family room which also houses a computer desk area. Between the TV, computer, printer, scanner, etc. there are cords everywhere!

  15. Christine Y

    I need this for my night stand !! This would be the best solution for my cord clutter =-)

  16. Maria

    I must get this for the desk in my kitchen. That is the spot where we drop all of our gadgets and gear. It would be nice to actually be able to use the desk as originally intended!

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