Rub’nBuff Review

Happy SPRING!!!! I mean, really, YIPPEE! I keep telling my kiddos that anything could happen, and we might still see some ugly weather before it’s all over, but things are definitely looking up. And to prove it, the Bucks and Montgomery Spring Home Show is happening this weekend. I’ll be at the NAPO booth this Friday (tomorrow) from 7-9 pm, and then I’ll be presenting “Easy as Pie Organizing Answers” on the Lifestyle Stage at 2:30 on SUNDAY afternoon. I’ll have giveaway goodies like those from Ryobi and Get Organized catalog. Come out and let’s talk about your spring organizing and decorating projects.

Sometimes it’s the details that make the project. An end table makeover recently gave me the perfect opportunity to try AMACO Rub ‘n Buff Wax Metallic Finish for the first time on my recent end table makeover with Chalk Paint®.

I’ve been stalking it for a while, but it’s actually pretty pricey for a small tube, so I had to justify it. But this is worth it, I think. I was super surprised at how easy this was.
Step 1-Remove the hardware.

Rub'nBuff on old table hardware
Step 2- Rub in a small amount using an old cloth. See this? Too much.

rub'nbuff on hardware
Step 3- Buff it up just a bit.

Rub'nBuff applied to hardware
Step 4- Replace hardware.


I love this because:

  • I save money by not buying new hardware
  • I don’t have to drill new holes for new hardware that won’t fit like the old one does.
  • It was dead easy.

It’s holding up great. I was a little worried that the “rub on” would lead to a quick rub off, but it doesn’t seem to have that problem.

Rub'nBuff on end table hardware

I love a DIY project when it’s this easy.  Have you tried Rub’nBuff?