Faux Granite- DIY Installation Videos

Faux Granite film from Ez Instant Makeover is still high on my list of best problem solvers ever. (And now you can get 10%. Keep reading!) You know when you find a thing that looks too good to be true, and you think, “It’s probably only that good on the internet, not in my home”? Yeah, I’m here crowing again about a product that is so great, I wish I had invented it!

The first time I showed you the faux granite, it looked like this:

Fabulous Faux granite for a Kitchen Makeover

I was so smitten with the product, I asked the company to let me create some installation videos for them. I KNOW this is such a great product, and more people would tackle it if they knew the tricks that I know. So I installed it in my own kitchen, and got these results from the before…

faux granite film on kitchen counter before

to the after:

faug granite film on kitchen counter AFTER

Yes, really.

We had to install a new dishwasher about 6 months after I put the faux granite film on, and the dishwasher installer was so surprised and confused that it wasn’t real granite, even after he saw it up close.

We’ve lived with it for over 6 months now, and with two kids under 7 who eat constantly, our counters get as much use as anyone’s. But they still look great! Everyone says so. I’ve gotten comments on my blog about how great it looks, but I’m telling you, even visitors to my home, and even my mother-in-law, think that we got new counters installed.

So, the ugly cracks, edge band, and metal seams are gone…

faux granite film kitchen corner beforeand the AFTER looks clean and updated, at a fraction of the cost.

faux granite film kitchen corner after

Seriously, how pretty is that????

faux granite kitchen makeoverI’m having a bit of a chuckle here because these pictures were taken with my sad little point and shoot camera, so you know there is no fancy photography helping out here. It actually looks that good. And the green splotch you see here on the lower right of this photo? That is the TREE reflecting from outside!!!!!  You can see how shiny and sharp the surface is, highlighting the sunlight streaming through the grids in the window. This film is a beautiful glossy surface.

Ez Instant Makeover sent me the product so I could demo it for you, but the cost would have been about $200 to makeover my kitchen, which is a far cry from the $3K+ that real granite would have set me back.

I was sooooooo happy with the product that I wanted to show you how to DIY it. Here are the 4 videos that show you how.

Before you watch these, let me say that I know it’s a bit dark in some places. I am SUPER grateful to Jo-Lynne from Musings of a Housewife for lending her extra hands to this project. This is not meant to be a TV audition, but 20 minutes of nitty-gritty detail that you’ll need if you want to add this product to your own kitchen or bath. All that to say, I hate watching myself on video. I’ll be hiding behind my hands while you watch.

If you are ready to order, just click Ez Instant Makeover (affiliate link) to purchase your new countertop or order samples of all the granite colors. (Remember, they offer faux chalkboard and stainless steel, too!!!)

I hope these videos help you understand the process and how easy it is to update your counters the EZ way.

I know you are interested to see whether this holds up or looks cheesy in the long run. Click here to see my faux granite 3 years after installation.

Ready to buy? Click here and take 10% off your purchase with the code HW10.




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  1. Angela

    Thank you for doing these videos! We put temporary plywood countertops in our kitchen and sealed with with marine poly. The poly didn’t hold up for us at all (6 kids) and we are starting to get some water damage on the countertops. They aren’t smooth like laminate countertops, but are sanded down smooth with a coat of paint and poly. Do you think this product would stick to it? I couldn’t find the answer on their site.

    1. Darla

      Hi, Angela, thanks for stopping by. I think the faux granite *might* work for you, but if your counters aren’t super smooth already, you are likely to get tiny air bubbles when installing it that will be hard to smooth out in the way I describe in the video. I had several that I just popped with a pin or the tip of a utility blade, and that approach might work for you. You can order a small amount, or even just the sample pack, and see what you think before investing in the entire length of counter. Even so, it’s pretty affordable. If this isn’t the right solution, I would look into the RustOleum CounterSolutions. It’s a multi-layer paint that mimics granite, and would probably hold up better than just the poly you started with. I’d love to hear what you decide and what works for you. Kudos for trying to keep it affordable.

  2. Monica

    Hi!!! Awesome video, I purchased a house that had everything I wanted except granite counteres… this is a perfect DIY for me to tackle. Can you tell me how long this project took you to complete. And you only used the dryer on the edges correct?

    Thanks again for sharing.

    1. Darla

      The project takes less than a day. Actually just a couple of hours. My counters are ridiculously long, so it took me longer than most. It’s basically like laying shelf paper, with a couple of extra details. And yes, I mainly used the hair dryer to curl the material around the edges. Good luck! I’d love to see how it works for you.

      1. Edith

        Hi one quick question how long does it last ? And would it get water damage around the sink when water spills and can u cut on it ?

        1. Darla

          Hi, Edith. It is very durable. I’ve had mine now for several years, and it looks great. There is no issue with water damage around the sink. Just follow the instructions to seal it with silicone. You shouldn’t cut on it, but then again, there isn’t any counter top material that is recommended for cutting. Always use a cutting board, just like you would for any other counter top material. Best wishes!

  3. Tammy and Joe Crowther

    what materials do I need to start. I ordered this today. and in the comment above you said something about silicone to seal it. I didn’t see you use that in the video

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