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how to fix a doorknob with Gorilla epoxy

I was having a morning when we were late for church, the humidifier overflowed, and then my doorknob fell off. The first thought through my head was, “I need EPOXY!”

Isn’t that what you would say? Of course it is.  😉


Well it took me a couple of days weeks, but I was finally able to grab my Gorilla Glue brand epoxy that I picked up at Haven last year. You can get yours at any hardware store.


Epoxy is very, very strong adhesive. When applying, you mix together the two goops that come in the tube. The packaging is the mixing tray, and a small wooden mixer is included. Neat.


Once applied, I clamped the glass doorknob to the brass hardware. The package says it sets in 5 minutes and can be handled in 30 minutes, but since gravity was working against me here (and do you know how much trouble my little monsters can get into in 5 minutes???), I wanted to clamp it and let it dry for a few hours before having to mess with it.


I love it when a home repair project really is that simple. Of course, having the right tool is half the project, and it would be almost impossible to fix this without epoxy. Thanks, Gorilla Glue, for making sure I had this in my toolkit.


how to fix a glass doorknob with epoxy


What could you fix or create with epoxy?

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  1. Pat Swift

    Hi Darla!
    I’m curious about the Irwin Quick Grips. I’ve never used anything like that. It looks like you are using model 5412, the Mini Bar Clamps. They also have a Micro Bar Clamp, model 53006, that says it is for hobbies. Can you recommend one size over the other?
    Thanks for the tip about Epoxy, too!

    1. Darla

      Hey, Pat. I have a few sets of these. This larger one is about a foot and a half long. I also have a set of smaller ones that I carry with me to jobs. They are probably about 10″ long, and would be great for crafts. They are nice because they just set by pumping the handle with one hand. No threading or screwing required. Easy to find at Home Depot and such. You never know when you’ll need a little help holding your day together. Ha!

  2. Leslie

    I used my Gorilla Glue epoxy to fix my toilet paper holder and one of my shoes! It has held up great!!

    1. Darla

      Great! I’ve also used epoxy to pretty up some dresser handles before. It’s the right tool for many jobs.

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