Meet Up In the Loft {Home Office & Playroom Makeover}

Whew. I am so glad we got through January. I hope you enjoyed the 31 Days of 30 Minute Organizing Projects. I hope you got a lot done in real time. Are you ready for something pretty and a little bit fun?

Let’s head up to the reading loft.

Meet Up In the Loft {Home Office & Playroom Makeover}

The client:  Work at home mom with an office/kid play room, needs to update the space for kids entering school and now having homework.

The problems: It’s a good sized room, but not that large. The kids like to be together, but need to be separated enough to get homework done. It has to serve for mom’s office, dad’s office, homework, and family game time.

The bonus: Dad is a carpenter!!!  How fast do you think I pounced on that information? I’m pretending to be Candace Olson with my hunky carpenter on the job.

Here’s the before:

Loft Playroom Makeover WindowsLoft Playroom Makeover Desk

We spent the morning on the standard redesign. OK, there is no such thing as a “standard” redesign, but work with me for a minute.

Loft Playroom Makeover Before1

Loft Playroom Makeover desk

I won’t show you all the behind the scenes details, but this one is important, because the client’s hubby Jeff and I were conspiring in the back yard. We kicked around a few ideas before the work day, some of which were inspired by Anna White designs. When we settled on the plan, Jeff engineered the ultimate way to get more space out of this room.

Loft Playroom Makeover construction

I have a million, “Ladies, go get your own,” comments to insert here, but I’ll refrain myself. Because you CAN, in fact, have him for your very own. At least by the hour. Just wait till you see what he does with these 2×4’s that same day!


playroom loft

Wouldn’t you have killed for this when you were a kid????

Loft Playroom Makeover


First you have to do homework.

loft privileges

Which is a really nice space, thanks to Ikea Micke desks and a supplies cart.

homework station under the loftThe cube bookcase provides the right amount of kid separation, and the Time Timer works well to keep them on task.

homework, books, and supplies under the loft

Then it’s up you go. Notice anything missing? Jeff managed to build this properly to eliminate the 4th vertical post, anchoring the structure to the ceiling joists, which opened up more floor space. Love! Those boys look like they need as much floor space as possible for rough-housing, right?

ladder on loft playroom

Once up in the loft, things are pretty simple.

loft rulesreading loft playroomEven though mom got a lot of organization out of this…

organized shelf in office playroom makeover

I think the boys made out the best.

Kids love the loft playroom

So, are you ready to hire Jeff for your handyman projects? He’s the real deal, a master carpenter in the trade who also has his own business. Reach him at

What do you think of this loft/playroom/home office makeover?

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  1. Pat Young

    It’s fantastic! Thanks for sharing, Pat in SNJ

  2. Amanda (Moming About)

    This is super cool! I bet it was great to have a carpenter to work along with for a makeover!

    1. Darla

      Amanda, yes, it was nice that Jeff worked on this project, too. He has a nice combination of personality, design sense, talent, and motivation.

  3. Samantha

    Love it….I bet your boys love it too. I’ve been wanting to maximize space in my sons room by building a loft and putting his homework desk underneath along with bookshelf. Love your idea.

    1. Darla

      Samantha, yes the boys love it. Hope you get a chance to build one, as well.

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