Organizing the Junk Drawer

how to organize the junk drawer

Remember the sock drawer organizing project? Time to organize the junk drawer. It’s the same five steps (SORT and Succeed), so it’s a great refresher on how to organize anything, and it’s a small enough project to get through in just 30 minutes or less.

      • Start with a written goal, to focus yourself on just the junk drawer project. sorting the junk drawer
      • The organize everything into groups by removing everything and sorting into piles on the counter top. You’ll probably end up with pretty clear categories, like pens and tools, and then three other prominent categories:
        • trash
        • should live somewhere else
        • Not a clue what to do with

        This is my pile of stuff that should live somewhere else, in this case, to go upstairs. I was pretty glad I found this, since I am almost out of moisturizer.found while organizing the junk drawer

      • Release and Reduce. Don’t think about it too hard. There’s usually quite a bit to purge in a typical junk drawer. I found a camera and 3 rolls of unshot film!!! CraigsList, here we come!
      • Not sure that you’ve reduced enough? Evaluate whether the junk drawer should stay where it is. Usually the answer is yes, but you could consider other locations. Closer to the office. Away from the main food prep area. It’s worth a thought. And that “not a clue” category”? Go through it again, and maybe a third time. I promise you, those thingamabobs will either assert themselves into one of your visible categories, or you’ll start thinking, “Why am I keeping this, again?”, which is a hint that you probably don’t need it.
      • Reset what you have left by deciding what to put your things in. I was lucky to already have dividers in this drawer. You could buy dividers like my favorite Bamboo Drawer Organizer. Or wrap some tea boxes or checkbook boxes like I show in some other posts.

      • Don’t worry about getting it perfect. The junk drawer loves being tweaked. The microwave is the perfect timer for a little junk drawer refresh once in a while. I do a LOT of work in my kitchen just 90 seconds at a time, as I heat up a cup of tea.
    • Did you succeed? Then let’s celebrate! If you are proud of your work today, snap a picture now of the organized version of the drawer, and keep it in the drawer, to refer to later. Maybe as your reward, you can make or buy some nice labels for the different areas. You can “remind yourself” through the labels where things should go. junk drawer organizing categories

And yes, I do have a little thing for hand sanitizer. See, we all have our little organizing quirks.

hand sanitizer in the junk drawer

Ready, set the microwave timer, GO! Let me know how you do with organizing your junk drawer!

This is the last mini-project in the 7 Day SORT and Succeed Quick Start. We’ll wrap up this baby tomorrow!


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  1. Denise

    Sharing over on fb page today. Great tips.

    1. Darla

      Thanks for sharing this. Much appreciated.

  2. Wanda Swartzbaugh

    I don’t have a junk drawer in my Kitchen, but my husband sometimes thinks we do. It is my Cooking Utensils drawer. Every time I cook (I have an allergy to cooking and it gets worse over the years) I find things that shouldn’t be in there but it has decreased over time because he hears me say very loud “what’s this doing in here”; The only thing I allow in the drawer are a few band aids for emergencies. My junk drawer is actually a small carry container with all the things I don’t know what they are or where they go all put in zip lock baggies accordingly. I especially dislike all the screws I find here and there. I usually put the screws in my husbands “drawer”.

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