Organizing Photos- Creating Family Yearbooks

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How are you doing with organizing your photos in 30-minute chunks? If you always mean to do something with your photos, but then don’t, here’s how to do it. Create a family yearbook, which is just a digital scrapbook of all your favorite pictures throughout the year. I do mine in November and give them out to the grandparents as gifts. It’s fun to see a line of family albums growing on my shelf, but they are so slim, they don’t take up much room at all, compared to bulky photo albums.

Here’s your photo organizing tip for today…


Go create a folder on your phone, your PC, your mac, or wherever you keep your photos. Call it “Best photos 2014” or something like that. (On your phone, you can move photos from your main camera roll or gallery into this additional folder.) That’s it. That will take you about 30 seconds, not 30 minutes!

When you take or receive a really precious photo from this year, one of your favorites, then pull a copy over into this folder you just created. You’ll have photos ready to plop into a digital photo book, or to send to me to do it for you!

An annual family photo album looks great with somewhere around 100 photos, so if you LOVE two photos per week (a little more or less with events and trips), then you’ll have the perfect size for a book.

If you happen to have the good luck of being pregnant and you are reading this, use this idea for your baby’s first year, and you’ll be a mom who never has to say, “I always meant to finish her baby book, and now I’m just trying to get ready for her graduation!”

What do you think. Will this little folder that you just created make it easier for you to enjoy and share your photos on a more regular basis?

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