Wireless Doorbell-DIY Doorbell Fix

If your doorbell doesn’t ding-dong, you are missing a part of your front door decor, no matter how great your holiday wreath is. But there’s an easy and inexpensive fix. Installing a wireless doorbell will welcome guests during the holidays and all year long.

In our 100 year old home, we still have the original doorbell fixture in the kitchen. (This is the wall I just can’t wait to remove!!!) We can still follow the line through the basement to the front of the house. But with a brick exterior and stone foundation, re-running a working line through the front door area is a big production.


Thankfully, a Plug-in Wireless Doorbell is a much cheaper fix. The outside is a small push-button, battery-operated affair that just screws onto the door molding.




The inside unit just plugs in. This is nice because you can move it to where you’ll be most likely to hear it, wherever that would be.


That’s it, folks. It took about 10 minutes, tops, and now guests won’t be frustrated at the front door. You might want to install your Plug-in Wireless Door Chime and Push Button this weekend, before the neighborhood carolers make their rounds.

Would a DIY Wireless Doorbell Fix solve a problem for you?