Giving Tuesday is a Good Excuse to Organize

Giving Tuesday. Did you know this now follows Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday, Cyber Monday? It’s a way to give back, in small ways and large.

You might get some emails asking for charity donations today. Most charities, just like businesses, count on your generosity and open wallets this time of year. Don’t feel compelled to crack open your wallet today, though. Remember how I showed you how to organize your charitable giving appeals? Gather them together and make wiser investments in the causes you care about, just do it before the end of the year.

One of the bloggers I work with is linked up with Goodwill Industries for Giving Tuesday, which I think is PERFECT. After you’ve spent all weekend bringing those new things into your house, it’s time to think about making room for them. But you’ve been following me for a while, so you know that’s no surprise. Goodwill is my go-to spot for cleaning out for that last minute charitable tax deduction. Goodwill is also supporting Giving Tuesday as mentioned in this post on AdLibbing. is offering a fun snapguide about How to Throw a Festive Sweater Holiday party. You know they are a great source for ugly sweaters, right?

I’ve heard so many people over the years say they didn’t want to give their “good junk” to Goodwill because they don’t like the quality of their stores. There is no logic in this. Remember, folks, your donations go to a thrift store, and you get the full tax deduction, no matter where it goes! And Goodwill is one of the most experienced organizations at taking your junk and turning it into gold…literally. Your junk turns into money which funds the job training and support services that our communities need now more than ever!

But if that doesn’t sit right with you, you can still find a specialty organization to take some of your specialty stuff. Just check out the donation guide posted on my site. And if you are set on recycling things that can’t go to a thrift store, check out, “Where Do I Recycle My…”

Oh, one more thing, did you see how even rags can be used by Goodwill, Impact Thrift, and certain other organizations who recycle textiles? A good way to do this is place recyclable materials into a bag marked “Recycle” when you drop them off at a donation point. Really, here’s the straight scoop from Impact Thrift!

Editor’s Note: Sadly, Impact Thrift no longer exists. Please check with your local charity and find out whether they recycle fabric. 

So now you know what #GivingTuesday is all about. If you feel led to make a contribution of time, money, or donated goods to something that is close to your heart, know that you are in good company this week.