Philadelphia Magazine Design House Tour #DesignHousePHL 2013

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Would you like to visit one of the newest multi-million dollar homes on Philadelphia’s Main Line? I would, and I did, and I’m sharing it with you. I’ll tell you now that it’s a 3-story town home, but the kind of town home you can’t wait to move into.

Let’s just say, before we even start, that we all know I am not a photographer. I’ve hinted to Santa that maybe it’s time for me to get a camera like this Canon Rebel SL1, supposedly one of the lightest digital SLR’s,


but just so you don’t feel cheated on this house tour, know that there are professional photos at the link at the Philadelphia Magazine writeup  (virtual tour live after 11/18) and the actual listing:  and on Radnor Patch  (this is where I found the best pictures).

The themes to this house seem to be: Two’s, Tech, and Tinsel.

Gimme Two!

Clearly, more is better, doubles of everything, including two ovens AND two refrigerators:

DesignHomePHL2013 (6)

DesignHomePHL2013 (7)Two laundry rooms:

Design Home PhillyDesignHomePHL2013 (14)Two master bathrooms, and 6- count them…6- closets off the master bedroom. More on that in a minute.

Two offices:

DesignHomePHL2013 (99)DesignHomePHL2013 (84)Two access methods, a beautiful staircase AND an elevator:

DesignHomePHL2013 (52)

DesignHomePHL2013 (51)

Tech with #XFINITYPhilly

As for the tech, see this little gadget here? No, not the coffee maker. Everyone has one of those. The little white plug on the right. That little baby talks to your phone. So you can turn off the iron or coffee maker or whatever you think you might have left on after you left the house. This home is smart.

DesignHomePHL2013 (36)Comcast was very proud to show us the TV that doesn’t need to have the box sitting with the TV. The box is in a closet on the far side of the room. No ugly wires to hide. Love. Who cares about the 85″ TV?

DesignHomePHL2013 (21)

Tinsel, Glitter and Glam!

This house is all about the bling! Start with the gorgeous lighting in the master bedroom.

DesignHomePHL2013 (69)DesignHomePHL2013 (92)

DesignHomePHL2013 (1)DesignHomePHL2013 (62)DesignHomePHL2013 (30)DesignHomePHL2013 (15)DesignHomePHL2013 (4)DesignHomePHL2013 (55)DesignHomePHL2013 (95)

Yes, that is an actual bar in the living room. No, it was not just for the event.

DesignHomePHL2013 (28)DesignHomePHL2013 (85)

See what I mean? Absolutely everything was metallic or just well-lit and shiny.

About that master bedroom…

DesignHomePHL2013 (88)

DesignHomePHL2013 (60)DesignHomePHL2013 (63)DesignHomePHL2013 (93)

Yes, I could live there, even if it is a townhouse.

Thanks to Comcast Xfinity and Philadelphia Magazine for hosting us.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. If you plan on going for real, you have until this Sunday. Remember that your ticket price is a donation to the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House. More at

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  1. Donna

    The pictures are beautiful. Do you know if there are any discounts available? Thank you for sharing.

    1. Darla

      I don’t know if there are any discounts, but I did learn that 100% of the ticket price goes straight to the Philly Ronald McDonald House. You can feel good about that. I hope you enjoy it if you go.

      1. Donna

        Oh, Thank you, I just saw that in your post, Great!

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