Lighting Updates: Outlets {Part 5}

lighting updates in an old home have a huge impactSometimes, what you really need is more juice. When my electrician was here installing new recessed lights, I asked him to install 2 new sets of outlets that will make my life easier.

Kitchen Outlet Updates

This is the kitchen I want to renovate, remember? I do not want to spend one more dime in here. But I also want to live comfortably in case this dream reno never happens. With the addition of my lovely KitchenAid mixer this summer, my lack of outlets in a very hard working corner of my kitchen really started to grate on me.

We have electric where I want it, but the 200-year old light fixture only had one outlet, already occupied by my kitchen clock radio. And, it was ugly with a capital U. So ugly, I don’t even want to make this picture full-sized. So we’re not adding light here, we’re going to remove it!

electric outlet updates


(If you are twenty-something and reading this, please know that a kitchen clock-radio is the device we had pre-iPod/iPhone/iPad that delivered music.)

My fab electrician was able to remove the bar light that I have never turned on even once since living in this house, and replace it with a PlugMold with three evenly spaced, grounded outlets. Now, we don’t have to move our appliances over to the other counter where the outlets are. You don’t even see the outlets when standing normally in the kitchen, but I know they are much prettier than the old ugly light we never used.

And I don’t have to haul that heavy mixer across to another spot to do it’s job. Yeah!


old house electric outlets under cabinets

Basement Outlets

The basement, which now has light because of Brian, just needed one more thing…outlets. The only outlets we’ve ever had down there were the ones in the ugly pull-chain fixtures. It just felt weird to have extension cords dangling overhead, so I asked him to add some outlets. We can’t screw them to the walls because our basement walls are ancient. So he put them on the poles.

updating electrical outlets in basement

Brilliant, right? This is why you call in expert. They know what they are doing, and they make it look easy. This is screwed into the pole, so it’s solid, and the zip tie is just holding the wire to the pole.

electrical outlet updates in basement for tools

Now I don’t have to create an obstacle course in my own basement when I want to run my tools.

Are you as happy about this as I am? I am sure you are not. But if this short article helped you see some potential for electrical solutions in your own home, then it’s been worth it.

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